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Since I'm still rather new, I would like to know of some good recommendations some of you may have. The Genres I like involve Fantasy, Entering a Videogame, Romance, Slice of Life, Martial Arts, Reincarnation/Reborn into a new world!
I am certain there are specific names for the Video Game Life and Reincarnation/Reborn in new world. Please let me know of the Manhua/Manhwas your reading! Anime is also welcomed too! ^^


    1. alberu May 5, 2021
      Ok so I have read quite a few isekai/reincarnation manhwa/manga. I'll just list down whatever I remember at the moment~

      The scholar's reincarnation (manhwa) reborn in the same world but in the body of a child

      Jobless Reincanation (manga+anime) reincarnating in another world

      Is it fortune, or is it woe? (manhwa) transmigrating in a novel

      I'll be the matriarch this life (manhwa) reborn

      The descent of the demonic master (manhwa) reborn

      Trash of the count's family (manhwa) transmigrating in a novel

      The way to protect the female lead's older brother (manhwa) transmigrating in a novel

      The villainess reverses the hourglass (manhwa) reborn

      God of backfield (manhwa) reincarnating in the body of a different person in the same world

      The beginning after the end (manhwa) reincarnating as a child in another world

      The villainess is a marionette (manhwa) not quite sure about this one

      *note that most of these work have novel adaptations or were originally a novel.
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    2. Glass Shard May 4, 2021
      Slice of Life:- Kaguya sama
      Komi San wa komyushu desu
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