Becoming the Cinnabar Island gym leader


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This is what I believe needs to be done to achieve the position.

1) Live on Cinnabar Island

-Cinnabar and the rest of the Sevii Islands are based off of the Tokyo Izu Islands. Cinnabar in particular is based of off of Izu Oshima. Due to work, that is my current home. It is also an active volcano that is past due to erupt.

2) Get a gold gym badge on all the gyms on the island.

-One of my easiest tasks to do. The biggest hurdle to this task isn’t going to the gyms but finding them. As all of the pokemon go location finders I know of are English community speaking based, they don’t cover remote regions such as Oshima. I will probably be able to find one in Japanese if I search hard enough. In the mean time, I have already started claiming gyms. None are gold badged, but I have plenty of time to get there. More on that in a bit.

3) Raise a team of fire pokemon.

-Has already been started. Talonflame is currently my only perfect IV on the team, but Charizard and Arcanine aren’t too far behind. Quilava is also perfect IVed, but he will need a lot more candies before he can be considered a team member. I also have a perfect IV sun form Castaform, but sunny day isn’t a thing in pokemon go. Team will need to be diverse and all members will need to have secondary moves.

4) Raise a perfect Magmar with max friendship.

-possibly the most difficult to accomplish. A perfect IVed Magmar, or in this case Magmortar, isn’t something that can just be caught. It will require a lot of patience to acquire one. Truthfully, I’ve been trying to acquire a good magmar since I got back into Pokemon Go in December, 2021. It’s been about 5 months and still no luck.

5) Get a platinum medal for capturing fire pokemon.

-This one will probably happen as I play the game without much effort on my part. The score is currently at 1389/2500 as of writing this.

6) Get every fire type legendary in the game.

-I plan to capture all legendries as they appear, so this one isn’t much of an issue. That said, capturing legendries that have already been released may prove some difficulty.

The above requirements are the ones needed for becoming a fire type gym leader. The following requirements are ones I believe are needed as a pokemon go trainer.

7) Reach max level.

-this is currently level 50. This is one of the reasons I am not worried about acquiring platinum medals. I am currently at level 36, but one of the level requirements for the levels on the way to reaching level 50 is 20 platinum medals. For more difficulty, I shall hence forth exclude that medal from the required medals of that list of 20. I would exclude the others as well, but I’m not sure there are enough medals for that.

8) Get platinum medals in defeating rocket grunts, purifying pokemon, legendary raids, best buddy, friendship with trainers, etc. Gym leaders are exemplary members of the pokemon community. Therefore, medals that prove community involvement and the upholding of good ethics are a must. That said, the medal for defeating Giovanni cannot be included on this list. He is not someone that can just be found out in the wild. Even if he were released every month, I would need 49 more months to get the platinum medal.

I probably have 6 years max to pull this off before being relocated again. That is also assuming I will still be with my current job. Well, I think I can get this in done in a year?? I’ll find out in 365 days.

Maybe I should make this a weekly youtube series?? I get the feeling that would just be a short progress report though. There probably wouldn’t be much change on a weekly basis either…


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      Been a while since I've seen someone this dedicated :blobpopcorn:
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      Good luck~
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