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I'll list some of the bugs or new additions to this blogging feature here. I didn't know this blogging script would be so buggy but it's okay, I think I fixed most of the bugs.

Before I start, I might mention the word "pagination" a few times. What's a pagination? It's this:
Bug Fixes

#1 - Double comment posting. This was reported by @Matsurika and @Smakemdown and it has been fixed.

#2 - Spacing and other CSS problems. This was reported by @NZPIEFACE -

#3 - The layout for (main blog page), (category) and (author) were messed up.



No, I didn't redesign the layout. For some reason, the developer messed up on their code which broke the layout. The after picture is how it's suppose to look like.

#4 - The pagination for a few pages including the main blog and category pages were broken when you tried to use the order sorting.

#5 - The most active bloggers bottom pagination was broken. This was reported by @Nom de Plume

#6 - The author page ( displayed a pagination even though it shouldn't if you don't have a certain number of blogs. This was reported by @OverlyFriendly and @Nom de Plume

#7 - "More blogs from user" is fixed. Reported by @sufod01

#8 - The new widget removed the links to "New Profile Posts". The links has been added back. Reported by @CDLevit -

#9 - The quote BBC code being cut off and mobile ratings not showing up has been fixed.

#1 - New widget for new blogs.


I'm not sure why an add-on that has been out for awhile is so buggy but most of the bugs should be fixed. It shouldn't be as buggy anymore, I hope! I can't fix bugs that are not seen/reported so please help out by reporting any bugs related to the blog you see in this thread.


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    1. Nom de Plume May 16, 2019
      Now new blogs alert followers!
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    2. AliceShiki May 19, 2018
      Oooooooh, I found a new one!

      Deleted comments still show as replies to your blog post, you can see it here: (there should be a deleted reply by Emmyy on that blog post, I saw the alert of getting a reply, but there is no reply, so I assume it was deleted... And when I look at the number of replies, it is still being counted.)
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    3. AMissingLinguist Mar 23, 2018
      Okay..... I somehow saw myself triple post my last comment, but when I tried to delete one of them, 2 disappeared. Is this suppose to happen? Also, the weird bug of images and media not appearing until I edit my comments on blogs still exists. Is this a feature?
    4. AMissingLinguist Mar 23, 2018
      Page 3 of 70
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      There's a right arrow (->) on the blog tab that doesn't do anything. I'm not talking about the "next >" button. The button is at the bottom of the blog tab/page.
    5. runsing Dec 10, 2017
      test no.2
    6. AMissingLinguist Nov 17, 2017
      Also, a blog lets me re-click a rating, but pops up with a "you already rated this blog". Is there a way to make it so that the rating changes after rating, so that I don't have to rate a blog again to see if I've rated a blog?
    7. AMissingLinguist Nov 17, 2017
      Do you still visit this blog? If so, then can you fix the problem of image posting and text re-sizing? Comments like mine have to be edited after being posted to fix text re-sizing and IMG posts kind of blank out. I can't post an image since I'm too lazy, but I think there's a blog with the IMG problem, and the text re-sizing is easily duplicated by posting another right here.
    8. AliceShiki Jun 20, 2017
      It seems like you get 2 alerts in case you are watching a blog post and you're tagged in that exact same blog post. It's a really minor issue, so I don't think you should bother fixing it, but I thought I'd let you know.

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