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You know, I never actually knew what a 'blog' was but here I am. Making one... I think? Ehh, I'm just gonna write whatever comes to mind here out of boredom so please ignore this.

Today was wonderful...
It was.
I got cat themed playing cards.
Therefore today is wonderful.

Okay, playing cards aside. What to type....
*Random bit of fiction upcoming!*

Rain drizzled one Monday morning down the window of my apartment, shading the campus across the rode in a gloom. There, students of various ages congregated to study their vocations and gifts. Much unlike I, a NEET whom would rather type a blog(?) within this dark recess of a home. How different was I though? To so many of them who dreamed and fantasized about their future? I too, had dreams and ambitions.
Even if mine involved this solitude which plagues me....
Regardless, these thoughts are ones I have toiled with many times over. They lead nowhere worthwhile.
There are more concerning matters to ponder. Such as what story shall I write this time? What tale shall I breath into being?

You see, I have a rather unique tool. An unassuming journal with a leather cover. No, it does not allow me to enter fictional worlds, as awesome as that would be. It allows me to see these worlds of fiction as if I was there. It feels genuine, like I'm watching a skit consisting of actual people. Truly, this journal is the mo—
"Mint! I don't wanna have to clean up your corpse if you stay locked indoors for so long! Get out for once!"
I hear him walking away before tuning my ears to the much more pleasant sound of rain. "Ugh."
—End of whatever this was.

Welp, I've satisfied meh boredom for now so that's all the literary torture I have for today.

Please ignore the old stuff. I just wanted to upload the screenshot so here it is!


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