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My mother and younger sister gave me a shake that was as blue as a smurf.
Maybe I'm turning into one now as I type this... *shudders* My lips and tongue have already converted.
It's so darn weird because the surface of the shake is blue and stiffens like a rock. So there's this rock-like crust as a result, and to top it off the bits of chocolate give it a heterogeneous look. It's so...
Actually is this even safe to consume? In any case, I'm diluting the poison with milk for my safety. If I don't bother any Nuffian for the rest of this week... Just consider me dead.
Or unconscious.
A-anyway, moving on to a brighter topic. My Orchestra's October concert is coming up! Yeah!

Although there are some things that need to be ironed out(I'm looking at you viola and 2nd violin section), we're all making progress. At this point, things seem like they will go wonderfully. *cough* Sadly though, we won't be playing anything Halloween themed... I know... That's messed up. I wouldn't mind if we were playing some ragtime because who can deny ragtime? But no. I'm denied that as well...
Oh well, there are more important things to be upset over.

Like how I'm in 6th chair of the first violin section(literally one seat away from being directly in front of the audience). *vehemently coughs*

Haha... most first violins are stellar at playing. I sorta fit with them. But not whe—*cough* But not when it comes to bowing. I hate keeping track of slurs in most pieces. Sooo... if you happen to be attending this particular concert:
I'm the one who isn't in sync with the others and am at the front-left portion of the orchestra.
M-my throat doesn't feel rig—*much_coughing.mp3*
Wh—*kuhum(what are some coughing sfx? I don't know many at all.)*
*melodramatic gasping.mp3*
Oh—*cough*, I don't feel so good.

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    1. Clozdark Oct 13, 2018
      I like violin sounds,i hope i can hear how you play it
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