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So I have been wondering...
That there is a tranquility and beautiful bitterness in blue like no other...
That it can challenge the passion of red like no other...
That my eyes which saw red now wants to see blue everywhere...

That I wish that there was a trend of blue avatars...

Blue the color of my first love...
Beautiful... Solitary... Unreal...

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    1. Bad Storm Jun 20, 2019

    2. hayyan Jun 17, 2019
      Even wanderers fall in love. Some with people and some with scenery.

      Good luck, @SummerForest
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    3. SummerForest Jun 17, 2019
      @hayyan, I'm more of a morbid wanderer than a maiden in love...
    4. hayyan Jun 17, 2019
      Maidens in love!

      And sure, when I'm out of my published books phase, I'll read it, @SummerForest.
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    5. SummerForest Jun 17, 2019
      @hayyan if you ever manage to read it, let me know what you think about it. Right now we are all smeared with blue, isn't it @Nyan sempai? It's not the passion of red, but the dejection of blue that works for us now~
    6. hayyan Jun 17, 2019
      @SummerForest, I have seen it around, due to your status updates. Haven't read though.
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    7. SummerForest Jun 17, 2019
      @hayyan, Blue Rose is the name of my latest novel in Scribble Hub. So I know what it symbolizes xD
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    8. hayyan Jun 17, 2019
      Ah, damn @SummerForest beat me to it, I was gonna rub symbolism on Nyan too.
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