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SO just now I just finished translating or I say Mtl-ing a novel, romance novel. And i've reached the part where the ML has finally show his affection towards the FL.

This is the hardest part for me because I have to handle my own feeling and continue mtl-ing because if i dont, the process will be delay. Like i giggled a lot every time there is the fluffy moments and i can't help to start imagining it. I'm a girl a human and i love fluffy and sweet things!! And I love to imagine it! If i'm so into it, sometimes I will take longer time to finish and my readers will ask "when will the next chapter come out?'. like uhhh I'm so sorry for taking longer time to update (ノ´д`)

I'll work extra hard to contain my feelings and focus on mtl-ing. Thank you to my readers who always left encouraging comments, that reaally helps me to keep on going. FIGHTING!! JIA YOU!! GAMBATTE!!

p/s: this is my first attempt to write a blog so pls excuse me


    1. Refan25 Dec 14, 2018
      *Reads title* Let your feelings out hooman! It's not good to hold it in for too long just like fart if held in for too long can cause bad things to you!
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    2. Katsono Dec 14, 2018
      Try translating novels you think suck instead of good ones!
    3. SSMachine Dec 14, 2018
      So it is hard for you because you just want to continue reading ahead? It's okay, as a master of procrastination I understand your feelings! :blobokhand: