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I went to my regular check ups yesterday, it wasn't anything too special, just visiting my doctor so that she could talk to me a bit, see how my body was developing, and see if she had to alter some of the medication I take.

One of the things she did was measure the size of my breasts. Apparently I have 7cm worth of breasts rn. It's a small number, but it's definitely a number that exists and is there. I'm happy with this.

It's a bit strange, it's such a small number, but I was so happy to hear it. Like, they're growing, alright? Bit by bit they're growing. She also doubled the dosage of the feminine hormones I take, so they should probably grow faster now, though she said it could have some adverse effects on my liver, so I'll have to go back there two months from now (Last time she asked for 3 months, so this change probably has a bit more trouble potential than the last one).

She also gave me some medication to help reduce the growth of body hair on my arms, since it's still stubbornly growing in that area. I got happy with that too.

It was a pretty nice visit to the doctor, really. I never liked going to hospitals, I hate taking medication, and I hate having people see my body, but this was different. She gave me more meds and increased the dosage of another med, I was happy with that. She measured a part of my body, and I was also happy with this. It's such a strange feeling. I guess it's because I can see the changes of my body more clearly like this, and know that they'll get even better now.

Overall, today was a happy day, I hope I continue enjoying getting my routine check ups.

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    1. Bad Storm May 14, 2021
      I like routine check up. I don't have one but my mom does for her illness. And it always gives a sense of progress, like you can track what's happening, if things are getting better, what should be adjusted and such.
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