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I have a confession to make. My house still has Christmas in it. I mean there is still decorations up. There isn’t lights or a Christmas tree up but little stuffed toys and snow globes. Now you must be judging me because it is so past Christmas we aren’t even in the same season anymore. The flowers by my door is starting to bloom. That is how past Christmas is. Now I don’t have much of an excuse but I will say that I was slammed by finals right after Christmas and then I forgot about cleaning everything up. I have no other excuse other then that flimsy one.
So this morning when I was eat breakfast I decided to clean the house. I sometimes have this... spontaneous productivity. You see, I haven’t even finished breakfast yet I am clean the house. Problem? Nah~ I’m almost done with cleaning and I have decided to write a blog post because I want to express myself but also not bother anyone. Welp that was fun! Maybe it’s the coffee’s fault I’m a little hyper this morning.

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    1. 25th bamm Apr 9, 2020
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    2. imK Apr 8, 2020
      No judgment, life happens. Good on you Bamm.
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    3. Silver Snake Apr 7, 2020
      I don't think anyone would be bothered if you expressed yourself to them.
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