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College classes I took this semester is Math 150 (Calculus) and English 100 (Composition)

So this is just me complaining, ranting and gripping. I just feel like doing it here than mentioning this on my website. And I've just been a bit overwhelmed with things. Like working my full-time job and fitting in college classes and still trying to fit in my translations....

*sigh* I still want to maintain my goal of 2 chapters a month, but with my focus now leaning towards passing my college courses, I will have to invest more time into my college courses.

-------------- Why not drop the college classes?

Well my job is an Metal Trades apprenticeship, and in order to maintain my job, I also need to have an academic degree to back it up. So my college classes are paid by my job, while I still get a paycheck.

------------- So, what happens if you fail your classes?

If I mess up my current courses, my job will basically tell me to redo the course, but this time I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. And If I fail my course for a 2nd time, then they kick me out of the apprenticeship program.

-------------- So in order to maintain your job you have to take classes and in order to take these classes, you need your job.

*sigh* Pretty much, I'm just mentally fatigued at this point. My mind is strained doing academic work, and research. So when I try to do translations recently, my mind is blank and I can't think. I just stare at my computer for a while, before realizing i just need to rest. But by then I, have to prepare for work.

*sigh* I want a vacation, but that won't happen for a few more months. (December)

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    1. Kuro_0ni Sep 1, 2018
      @Bad Storm & @Tycheri Thank you, I'll make an announcement on my website after I get some rest.
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    2. Silver Snake Sep 1, 2018
      Best wishes~
      edit: Yeah, what Bad Storm said. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at what you really need to do. It seems you are really dedicated to your translation. But I'm sure people will understand that RL rules over all.
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    3. Bad Storm Sep 1, 2018
      Just keep your priorities straight. Translating is good and all that but sometimes it is necessary to step back a little if it really isn't possible to fit it in your schedule. Also give a notice so that your readers won't wonder what happened.
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