Creating a new language part 1



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I am probably gonna give this up soon. Very soon.
So, I was bored,
And the last time I was bored, I tried to learn Japanese, and failed.
Failed horribly.

So this time I thought of creating my own.
Stay tuned to either motivate me, or to watch me fail again.


    1. Agentt Jun 16, 2021
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    2. daisukenowaifu Jun 16, 2021
      Interesting proposal, but money talks. Or at least it'll feed my squandering on books.

      ...I only want 50% from the returns~ You can't lose money that didn't have time to become yours~:blobamused:
    3. Agentt Jun 16, 2021
      I have lots of followers, so working with me can give you lots of exposure
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    4. daisukenowaifu Jun 16, 2021
      Give me 50% of all proceedings and share the awards with me and I am onboard~
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    5. Agentt Jun 16, 2021
      Oh no, my secret plans are known!
      You now have to take responsibility by helping me create it
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    6. daisukenowaifu Jun 16, 2021
      You should create a language that's very easy to learn for people of all language families. That way, your language will become popular, you could patent it and make money and the UN might even award you!
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    7. Munimuyi Jun 16, 2021
      @Agentt good job ahh~
      don't be like me giving up so easily ahh~
    8. SylviaViolet Jun 16, 2021
      This comment section is full of spam.......
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