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So my question was "Why are all plump anime girls depicted to be ugly? More importantly why is there no curvy bishoujo? harem stories talk about a "variety" of girls, why is there no variety in body shape? Why do big boobed girls don't have other big sized parts like a real girl?"
Well, i thought why don't i make one myself?
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Shiet i suck at line art so let's called it sketch but i swear it would get better when i color it :p What should i color her on?!:blobhero:


    1. Lurking Mar 17, 2020
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    2. Nefasdetestasti Mar 17, 2020
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    3. Lurking Mar 17, 2020
    4. Nefasdetestasti Mar 16, 2020
      They are a lot... On hentai.

      On a side note, your sketches are perfecto.
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    5. Evil_Ginger Mar 16, 2020
      Because love handles are different from lard bellies.

      And there are a few, but they tend to be about losing weight. The girl would look like a Cinnamon roll and be really cute but then lose all the weight and become sexy.

      But Rune Factory had a chubby girl as a marriageable character. You could marry her while she was chubby or after you helped her on her diet. I personally think she is cuter while chubby. She looks like everyone else after her diet and not very memorable.
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    6. Lurking Mar 16, 2020
      nlvelupdates is looking strange it just me or are there 6 copies of my post????

      um. maybe i need to sleep
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    7. Lurking Mar 16, 2020
      #2 is super cute

      #1 has strange proportions? seems a bit wonky on arm length for elbows especially needs longer legs mhm but very excellent hair n face