Day 9


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[Red+White on Black] [Fish In A Sweater]
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October 19 - [8:29 PM]

Temperature: 27° C
Set feeding time: Approximately 9:10 AM. Approximately 5:08 PM. Awaiting 11 PM.
Fed: Morning. Noon.
What to feed next day: Feed #3 (The Thin or The Green. Haven't yet decided on the name)
Abnormal behavior: Except for aggressive fish?
Lights On At: Today at 12:50 PM.
Water change date: 10/17/2021

Note: Recent days are days of revelation where I find out one thing after another. I figured why some of my fish are aggressive. I figured most of their genders. I was freaking wrong. It wasn't that almost all of em were female. It is that almost all of em are male... its tragic. I hate those fights for dominance. Not on my watch. Imma take action tomorrow, so for now its slow going. I figured some of their psychology recently, but I really am not in the mood to talk about anything protracted. I feel freaking tired. The sleep schedule is a devil.

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    1. amilhs Oct 24, 2021
      Male with long tail..female, the tail is normal tail.. not sure maybe opposite...
      Also research about..I think some kind of fish you have to separate male and female.. if you want to breed.. some fish you have to put the female and male in a separate jar..
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    2. One Perfect Veteran Oct 19, 2021
      "you are going to send them into the corner??" - I am going with either of the two solutions which are 1) to increase the tank size and buy enough females for the males to focus on. I would need 2 per male at least... so expensive. But its the most reliable solution.
      2) Just increase the tank and go from there. Not a very reliable solution as you can see.
      3) Send some males away to some pet shops. And go from there. That is the cheapest solution to the dominance issue.
      4) Imagine what my tank would turn into in several months when my fish grow up and I don't do anything at all... bloodbath.
    3. One Perfect Veteran Oct 19, 2021
      "you are going to send them into the corner??

      Fun fact, some fish can swap genders." - It really is interesting. Imagine world being so brutal you have to change genders. No, imagine your body being ABLE to change genders... I mean, its not exactly correct from my understanding. Mostly the less dominant males imitate the colorations of the opposite genders in order to attract less attention from the dominant male. Its a survival instinct. Those fights for dominance can really be deadly. Or in case of females they do that, I actually didn't know why they do that, but now that I have researched a little, they say females change to male cuz there are no other males around. But I am not read enough to know all fish, so maybe you are talking about some fish who actually can change genders? I don't actually believe in full gender swaps in my fish. But yes, that could be a solution to my problem. If I wait enough, then the less dominant males will turn their colorations into female colorations. Provided that I somehow am able to save them from the aggressive dominant males and they survive till that point. I am not confident enough to say with any certainty that I can do that unfortunately...
    4. Gandire Alea Oct 19, 2021
      you are going to send them into the corner??

      Fun fact, some fish can swap genders.
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