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    1. AliceShiki May 2, 2017
      Dear Plume,

      I'm having a problem in which my entire family wishes to marry me off to one of my friends, they already put her on the family and trying pretty hard on that.

      Not only that, they also decided to rise an entire queendom in my name.

      And my cousin that they want to marry me with insists that she wants to eat my brain no matter what!

      Even my niece that was the only one I thought was safe, actually thinks she is batman and evil! Batman cannot be evil! I can't understand it!!!

      I don't really know what to do, I think my family is actually crazier than I am, I love them, but there should be a certain limit on it, my aunt decided to start saying she is a man and refuses to acknowledge our godmother by their proper title.

      Please help Plume-chan, I need to make them at the very least not be crazier than I am.

    2. Nom de Plume May 24, 2017
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    3. Nom de Plume May 2, 2017
      Dear @brasca123,

      I hate to break it to you, but @Lovely and @Tony are both m***... or at least pretending to be...

      Marriage is a difficult decision for anyone, and it being arranged won't make it any easier. You shouldn't give into pressure, but if you already get along with the person maybe you should give them half a chance and consider the idea. Just hang out like normal. If you both agree you are just friends, you can at least tell your family you tried.

      As for your brain craving cousin, you should have never gone the cheap route when raising someone from the dead...

      Batman is a normal person too. I argue that people are not usually either extreme, rather they are neither fully good or fully evil.

      I have one question for you though. If your family was sane... wouldn't you be bored?

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    4. Nom de Plume Jun 3, 2019
      Note: Private Letter
      Dear Yasei,

      It’s not wrong to feel reserved and afraid of rekindling such a friendship. A friend is a person you give at least some degree of trust. Can you trust them again after such a betrayal?

      My advice for this is going to be both simple in theory and hard in execution. You are always going to feel this doubt, unless... you talk with the other party. You are going to have to ask them for the answers to your questions if your goal is to develop a sincere and long term relationship. You may not like the answers. At worst, make a clean break with the person so that you can move on. At best, you both gain a greater understanding of each other.

      However, there is no need to confront this old friend if you cannot find it in yourself to trust them again. Let the past be the past and remain polite on the surface. You want to be happy, but your happiness does not and should not rely on someone else, especially not on someone who made you feel so miserable.

      I will say that the ‘satisfaction’ they felt at your misery sounds like one of two scenarios to me. Either they are a bully or there was a misunderstanding.

      Bullies often have reasons for mistreating other people. They are unhappy with themselves or their home situation, and picking on someone makes them feel better about their life. “So and so has it worse off than me.”

      The misunderstanding option could be anything, but for some reason they felt like you hurt them in some way. An example of this could be a third party claiming you shared some of your friend’s secrets or otherwise spoke behind their back. In this case, your ex-friend’s satisfaction would be that of revenge.

      There is no right answer for what you should do, but there is no wrong answer either. You went through months of misery. I instead ask you, what do you want to do? You cannot control the actions of others, but you can control your own. Take a deep breathe, set a goal, and keep moving forward one step at a time.

      I sincerely wish you happiness,

      p.s. I’m on mobile so the structure of my letter is lacking in some areas. I wish I could rearrange some parts, but the copy and paste does not work. I hope my meaning still gets across, and I wish you luck Yasei!
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    5. Nom de Plume Apr 30, 2017
      @DCLXVI I only told one person not to trust you Q-Q

      Its more of a compliment of your skill. I saw you convince people everyone had exactly opposite roles before >_>

      Why do I feel such cold shivers up my back >_>

      @Zone Q11 shall I take it as you are interested in being an Abby?

      Dear @CDLevit,

      The internet is just another medium of communication, but across a much greater distance. Being polite is simply good manners.

      The internet isn't really constrained by rules like everyday society. The only one who can truly decide how a person behaves is their own self. The internet 100% does not have a rule stating: "You must be polite." There is no sense of repercussions, and so people don't restrain themselves.

      What you can get away with and what you should do are entirely different things however.

      Does that answer your question?
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    6. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Dear @The Nuffian Plebian,

      I understand your troubles. Even when I play I lack confidence in my assumptions. Keep in mind that the other players are in the same predictimant as you.

      Take a chance or two. If you are wrong, then you have built up knowledge for the next game! Don't worry too much about accidentally killing a teammate or getting mistaken as a different role.

      I think the number one rule is "Don't trust @DCLXVI" though.

      Relax and play the game and maybe even win. It's for fun after all :3

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    7. Nom de Plume Oct 1, 2018

      I only just realized I am the true villain... you can ask random questions on any blog so long as you don't violate any rules or go too off topic. Just be respectful to the owners if it seems like they've put a lot of thought into it. I know that on my own I prefer to receive serious questions, but I'll answer any.

      P.S. Really random ones can go on my profile itself or even pms.
    8. AliceShiki Jun 11, 2017
      Dear Pasta,

      Thanks for the reply, it helped put my head in place a bit.

      It's definitely an important thing, but it's hard to understand what is the exact scary part of it, it's everything and nothing of it at the same time.

      Maybe what I am afraid of is having them change their behavior towards me once they know of it, even if not as a conscious decision, or maybe I'm just afraid of scared of them knowing more about me...

      It's strange, I want the people I care for to understand me and to know more about me, but at the same time I don't want to open up to them and let them know about the things that scare me and that I keep private from those that aren't truly important to me... Is that weird? To want them close, but wanting to keep some distance at the same time? I feel like I'm being completely contradictory on my wishes, and at the same time it feels like it's the only sane thing to be done.

      Maybe it's because I haven't even come to terms with my own self yet, I am not sure...

      Once again, I'm not sure what exactly I wanted with this letter, but I felt like I should write it... Thanks again for the reply.

      A slightly relieved magical girl.