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    1. Zone Q11 Jun 4, 2019
      Well then, time to do this again... Let's see, what is my current situation...?

      Dear @Pasta Lady,

      My life is doing fine as of late, but my university life is making things harder for me to relax.
      I am to be blamed for procrastinating too much, and I understand and agree with that statement. Yet I seek escape reality at the same time as well.
      Up until the second period (which is the first half of the first year), everything went well, but I failed my last period (third one). Now I am on my fourth period, and my course of study literally depends on it.

      I have been convincing myself that I would cut connections with NUF Games temporarily to focus more on my study, but the past week (in which I have a lot of free time) has shown me that not much had changed at all. I could've literally continued spending my free time on NUF, and I doubt anything in the greater point of view would've changed. (I.e. I still would've "wasted my time" / spent my time on not studying.)

      Perhaps my daily life got even slightly worse due to my family's awareness of my situation at that too. My current situation... it makes their situation harder to deal with, as we have planned an upcoming event which might be re-scheduled because of me.

      I... I wish to ask this question: Should I come back to NUF Games after all?

      The Nuffian Plebeian

      P.S. ...perhaps not all NUF Games though, because I am fairly certain I will not be able to play a certain roleplay anymore.
    2. Zone Q11 Jun 6, 2017
      Dear Carm,

      What's wrong with being different? I still can't understand it even after reading the first paragraph. In the first place, why would you even want to experience struggles others have? Not everything is the same. Everyone is weird in their own way, so even if it doesn't make you comfortable, it is still the fact. But remember this; you're not the only "weird person", you have never been the only one, and you will never be the only one.
      ...and if you want to, why not try teaching others in what they don't understand? The chances are low, but perhaps they will understand you?

      Is it really that bad? I am not saying that being able to read multiple genres is good at this point, but... look, I kind of get why you would fear having the same emotions while reading each book, but at the same time I don't. The point is; if you love reading, whether passive or not, whether you have the same emotions or not, etc. then why would you let your fear stop you reading?

      ...to be honest, I wanted to say that every part of your emotions are yours, as it is indeed the case. Lyme is, in the end, a part of you as well after all.
      But... if you truly feel that there is a "fake you" and a "true you" ...then, "to who am I talking right now"?
      Why would a "fake" talk to me? It doesn't seem beneficial for their existance at all if "they" were to talk about it.
      Why would a "true" talk to me? Those who are "true" knows who the "fake" is, and either "gets rid of the fake", "combines with the fake", "coexists with the fake" or "lets the fake take over". ...but you shouldn't be the "true" as "they" would know "what to do".
      So. You are neither "true" nor "fake". A very own "special" existence between the two. Then, what is wrong with it? Too uncomfortable? Okay. Then, choose a side. You can't choose one as you don't know what you should change? Meh. Just choose some things. If needed, just say that you like the first genre you can think of. ...seriously though, if "you, who I am talking to", then you should know what to do by now.

      ...sorry if my "advices" don't please you.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,
    3. Pyoo May 25, 2017
      Yaaayyyy!! Viva collusion!

      Ask me stuffeses!
    4. Ophious May 12, 2017
      Dear Mom
      Why is love so confusing? So last time I asked you about how to be a wingman for my friend but things have recently got slightly more chaotic. So my friend likes my best friend, but my best friend likes this girl and he wants me to help him get closer to her. I wanted to say no since I'm helping my friend get closer to him but then he looked a little sad and he's my friend so I don't like it when he looks sad so I said I will do what I can, but then I don't know what to do anymore
      I feel like I'm betraying both of them no matter what I do, I know I'm indecisive for not being able to pick who I want to help but that's part of me so I can't change that..... do you have any advice on what to do in this situation?
      Sincerely Ophious
    5. Ophious May 9, 2017
      Dear Mom,
      My friend recently came out of the closet and told his family and my group of friends that he was gay which we are all happy about(apparently almost everybody kinda knew already except me Orz) and anyways he told me recently that he had feelings for my best friend ever since grade 9 but is too afraid to tell him so he wants me to be a wingman but I don't know how to do that. Do you have any advice or tips I should know about if I want to play wingman?
      Sincerely, Ophious
    6. Rreelentless Apr 28, 2017
      To mnenomgro,

      I am writing here to you to inquire to you about your opinion on what would happen if i made a sandwich but really wanted takeout. Do i go for the sandwich or instead do i go for what my heart desires?

      Hoping for a reply
      Your's Faithfully
    7. L4 Apr 27, 2017
      Dear pasta lady,
      How can I become better in dota?
      The noob
    8. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Not considering getting help yet dupe. All I'm doing is waiting for my first customer. Don't be shy people Q-Q

      Write me a letter~<3