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This is a pretty simple advice blog in the dear abby style. If you find it boring... just don't post.

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    1. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Dear the noob,

      RIP. I actually don't like MOBA's, but here is my advice.

      Each hero has a specific role. First you need to find out what kind of player you are, and what kind of role would suit you. Then you need to actually find out how to play that role! There are plenty of online guides about "builds" and how to develop your character.

      As with anything, Practice, Practice, Practice!! Play against the ai and get comfortable controlling the character. No one likes playing with a noob, so get to the point where you at least are an average player before playing with strangers. If you can, ask some friends to help raise you and team up with them as you build experience!

      Don't worry about super fancy tricks until you can hold your own. Keep learning and reading guides and eventually you will be an expert.

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    2. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Dear @The Nuffian Plebian,

      I understand your troubles. Even when I play I lack confidence in my assumptions. Keep in mind that the other players are in the same predictimant as you.

      Take a chance or two. If you are wrong, then you have built up knowledge for the next game! Don't worry too much about accidentally killing a teammate or getting mistaken as a different role.

      I think the number one rule is "Don't trust @DCLXVI" though.

      Relax and play the game and maybe even win. It's for fun after all :3

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    3. L4 Apr 27, 2017
      Dear pasta lady,
      How can I become better in dota?
      The noob
    4. Zone Q11 Apr 27, 2017
      Fumu... normally I would only react and not act first... but since you asked so;

      Dear @Pasta Lady,
      I seem to doubt myself while playing mind games like Resistance, Kingdom Royale and Mafia.
      I have volunteered myself for the 4th Season of the Mafia Championship, but I lack some confidence.
      I know this might be somewhat difficult, but could you please give me some words of confidence?

      The Nuffian Plebeian
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    5. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Dear @Shy in NU Forums,

      Although I will be giving serious advice, this is for fun!! Simply having a letter format like above is all that is needed when you ask your question.

      It doesn't have to be super long or anything either.

      Some ideas on topics you could bring up:
      • Meeting new people
      • Making friends
      • Keeping friends
      • Which book should you read next
      • Which game should you play next
      • Exercise
      • Interior Decorating (lol)
      • Anything you want a second opinion on really ^_^
      For recommendations, first say what kind of genres you like though.

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    6. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Not considering getting help yet dupe. All I'm doing is waiting for my first customer. Don't be shy people Q-Q

      Write me a letter~<3
    7. Dupe2718 Apr 27, 2017
      I'd like to be an Abby?