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    1. Zone Q11 Jun 6, 2017
      Dear Carm,

      What's wrong with being different? I still can't understand it even after reading the first paragraph. In the first place, why would you even want to experience struggles others have? Not everything is the same. Everyone is weird in their own way, so even if it doesn't make you comfortable, it is still the fact. But remember this; you're not the only "weird person", you have never been the only one, and you will never be the only one.
      ...and if you want to, why not try teaching others in what they don't understand? The chances are low, but perhaps they will understand you?

      Is it really that bad? I am not saying that being able to read multiple genres is good at this point, but... look, I kind of get why you would fear having the same emotions while reading each book, but at the same time I don't. The point is; if you love reading, whether passive or not, whether you have the same emotions or not, etc. then why would you let your fear stop you reading?

      ...to be honest, I wanted to say that every part of your emotions are yours, as it is indeed the case. Lyme is, in the end, a part of you as well after all.
      But... if you truly feel that there is a "fake you" and a "true you" ...then, "to who am I talking right now"?
      Why would a "fake" talk to me? It doesn't seem beneficial for their existance at all if "they" were to talk about it.
      Why would a "true" talk to me? Those who are "true" knows who the "fake" is, and either "gets rid of the fake", "combines with the fake", "coexists with the fake" or "lets the fake take over". ...but you shouldn't be the "true" as "they" would know "what to do".
      So. You are neither "true" nor "fake". A very own "special" existence between the two. Then, what is wrong with it? Too uncomfortable? Okay. Then, choose a side. You can't choose one as you don't know what you should change? Meh. Just choose some things. If needed, just say that you like the first genre you can think of. ...seriously though, if "you, who I am talking to", then you should know what to do by now.

      ...sorry if my "advices" don't please you.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,
    2. Zone Q11 Jun 6, 2017
      Dear Troubled Magical Girl,

      This may sound very unconvincing, and that may be because I have more or less heard this kind of situation a lot of times, or because I am inconsiderate, or because I am a male, or because I am inexperienced to that situation in real life, etc. but I think that you should tell whatever you want to say. Don't fear of what others may think, most of the time, they don't get mad or sad anyways (as long as you explain it to them).

      I highly doubt that this will help, but there is a saying which says "everything that can go wrong, will go wrong eventually". This was made decades ago, so that means that everything which could have gone wrong, should have already gone wrong. The point is; it can't get worse.

      Sorry for the lack of motivational speech, but Pasta is usually the one who does that, and I give my advices in my own, weird way.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,
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    3. AliceShiki Jun 6, 2017
      Dear Pasta,

      There are a lot of things that I want to say to the people close to me, but at the same time I'm really afraid of telling them... I'm not really afraid of their reaction, or of what they'll tell me afterwards, I'm just afraid of telling them, and at the same time I really want to say it.

      I keep on thinking like: "Today I'll do it", and I end up never doing it, I keep on holding myself back on doing what I want because of fear of actually doing it.

      ... I don't really know what to ask out of this though... Any advice? It's confusing for me.

      A troubled magical girl.
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    4. Pyoo Jun 5, 2017
      @BlancFrost apparently i need to tag you
      @Carm wut! its even longer!!! @-@
      see ya in one week :p
    5. Carm Jun 4, 2017
      Dear @Pyoo ,

      Thanks for tagging me *rolls eyes* I totally got the notification for it.

      As I remember, a little birdie asked people to give her questions, so I complied. Not my fault that the birdie in question didn't sing the correct words. Well, this time, you get three thick paragraphs!

      Yes, while normality doesn't "really" exist, it is still there. And although people like to proclaim "unique" is nice and all. What exactly is nice about it? Different inputs? Bah, that's not unique. Everyone is bound to have their own input. Thank you for calling me weird by the way. Totally the motivation I needed. To not be bounded by common sense, do you really think that's something good to experience? To go through? To live? All your life you see other people go about their days, you contemplate things that require a lot more thinking from them. You see things that they can't. You notice things that they can't. But is that really a blessing? You don't go through the struggle they process, you don't know the tribulations they experience. Perhaps, asking this in a community of eccentric people, isn't the best I suppose.

      It seems you miss my point. I can easily drop any book I read. I can easily forget the book. I can easily move on.
      Consume the whole spectrum.... I guess, perhaps a better wording would be, I am unbiased. Now, is that a good thing? Is that really good? I ask again, like my last paragraph. Perhaps the wording for this argument is, the grass is always greener on the other side. Nevertheless, I continuously read without any regard to genre, and have no pattern whatsoever to my habits. How is being able to read anything with the same emotions as with any, mean I can see the good in anything? I can't see the good in anything, I can only read on, trudging on my passive reading. I can't experience what most people go through, and that is, scary.

      It seems you're not understanding the severity of lyme. Let me give you an example.
      I met this kid who had lyme like me, he's a sweet kind, and jubilant kid. I had fun talking with him. But later I heard from his mother about how his behaviors change. One day he could go from this current self, to a child overdroven by anger, lashing out at every single thing, yelling at his parents without any disregard. One day, he can walk normally, then the next, he can't even move his legs. Perhaps my case isn't as severe as his, but it raises my point once more. How many of my emotions are mine, genuinely mine? Not something roused by lyme. Not something created from lyme. That is something I don't know. So why am I fixated by something like a "true self"? Simple, because for me, and for other patients of lyme, there is such a thing as a true self, and a fake self. For me, the borderline between the two are too thin to even see, that is why I question myself, that is why I ask myself, that is why I asked you.
      Honestly, I wouldn't hug myself.
      Would I change myself? What could I change?

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    6. Pyoo Jun 3, 2017
      Dear Coolest Frost,

      I feel lonely so I wanna join in replying you :v

      Oooh? How do you count the times youre forgotten?

      Eeeh then speak up....
      What was the question again +_+

      - Confused Birdie
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    7. Pyoo Jun 3, 2017
      Dear Carm,

      When I asked you to ask me stuffs here, I didn't mean a thick paragraph.

      Honestly I don't believe common sense and normality to exist. Simply because the average of all thoughts exist does not mean they should become the standard of everything (although they are, and that's a totally easy way to set standard).
      You're one of those outliers. And I'll agree to that haha. Is that a bad thing tho? You just gotta accept the fact that youre weird :v
      And well, weird is good. Being unique means you can see things differently, put different inputs than others and all that jazz. I think it's more exciting to be weird, to see things differently, to not be bound by 'common sense'.

      Eeeh isn't that good? Being easily not bored is always good in my books. It means you can see the good in anything, the interesting in anything, able to make your life not boring from even the slightest things. Being bored means disinterested (in anything, in everything, in life), being easily amused to me is better. Not having preferences just makes you able to consume the whole spectrum.

      *places flower on your head*
      I've said this to you once before.
      Just because youre used to seeing yourself one way, does not mean your 'self' is now that. If you were once 'your old self' you would always bring that with you, even if it doesnt surface now. But people change. Experience changes people. And why is it that humans must be bogged down by a 'true self'? Isn't it just easier to see yourself as you are now, assess it and your opinion of it, and decide whether you like it or not and see if you want changes.
      Who cares about true-ness, if its real or fake or whatever. Who gets to decide what is real and what is not? What gets to decide what is real or what is not. I'm the type of person to wear a mask, and to me those masks are real, so they're a part of me, and isn't that fine? every part of you, the now, the past, the future, is all you.
      Do you like 'you'?
      Do you wanna embrace 'you'?
      Do you wanna change 'you'?
      Who are you and what do you want to be?

      - Birdie
    8. Zone Q11 Jun 1, 2017
      Dear Forgotten Frost,

      I will remember you. Don't worry about that. As for the people from the past... I think it is a combination of both. They left a strong impression on me, and I think I can remember things good enough to say some things about them... I think.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,
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