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    1. Zone Q11 Jun 1, 2017
      Dear Carm,

      I am sorry that my answer has been delayed for two days. I couldn't find the right time to think good about your answer, but now I do.

      Usually, people's common sense are very similar within a community, so unless those who said that you are "different" have close relations to you (e.g. family and best friends), it can be so that they don't understand you at first.

      You say that you easily read any kind of genre and you are afraid that you might find nothing outstanding, but have you thought it the other way around? Perhaps is everything outstanding for you. If you are amused by reading, then just read! (Just don't get distracted on your work.)

      If you are still in your growing phase (if you are still young), then it is normal that you sometines lash out. The best advice I can give you for now is to keep restraining yourself. If you are an adult... then not much would change, to be honest. The only change would be that it would make more sense to lash out if you are young. (Sorry. I am not good at this field.)

      ButI don't think you have to worry regarding your personality. Humans change at a certain point, and some people even change multiple times! Unless you think that "to progress, one needs to know oneself", just accept what you are now, and live on.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,

      P.S. I couldn't wait any longer for Lady Bird, so I wrote my advice even though you asked for her help. My apologies if that upsets you.
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    2. Nom de Plume May 30, 2017
      Kouhai of a different kouhai,

      My last situation similar to that was "Notice me kou***!" or some such thing. Is this @friend of yours a wallflower? Perhaps they should do something that stands out, like a serenade, to break the quiet impression they have.

      I wish them good luck and apologize for not having good advice. I can only think of a long list of what *not* to do.

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    3. AliceShiki May 30, 2017
      Dear senpai,

      A friend of mine really wants to be noticed by a senpai, yet no one helped her, I don't know what I can do as a kouhai, do you have any advice?

      With love,
      A Kouhai.
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    4. BlancFrost May 30, 2017
      Dear Pasta ,

      I guess you are correct in that regard. By only contacting and speaking to that person in the one place they don't link our relationship to any place beyond that. Perhaps with time we will become closer, or perhaps not. Dropping by to say hello would be a great start...if only I remembered to do so earlier.

      The short reply was fine, it reminded me of what I said I would do but forgot to do.

      Forgotten Frost
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    5. BlancFrost May 30, 2017
      Dear The Nuffian Plebian,

      I don't have that many people knowing me to warrant being forgotten on NUF. If I am remembered by those close it is fine. But if I am forgotten I guess that is also fine. I just don't want to be forgotten while I am still active. You still remember the people you came in contact with 2 years ago? Did they leave a great impression on you or do you just have a good memory?


      Forgotten Frost
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    6. Nom de Plume May 30, 2017
      Dearest Forgotten Frost,

      Sometimes a change of environment can leave even the best of people confused. Maybe you and that person don't talk often enough as well. Say hi every once in a while and I'm sure you will make a great friend.

      Sorry for the short reply,
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    7. Zone Q11 May 30, 2017
      Dear Forgotten Frost

      I doubt you will ever be forgotten in NUF. I mean, even I still remember the pest from a year ago, the slime from two years ago, the one I followed from two years ago as well, the personality and avatar from a certain corpse two years ago, etc. The point is; as long as you are alive, it is impossible for NUF to forget you.
      P.S. You think you are being forgotten? I have that feeling ever since I joined NUF, and what happened? I didn't got forgotten.

      The Nuffian Plebeian,
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    8. Carm May 30, 2017
      Dear @Pyoo ,
      Sometimes I wonder what exactly is so different from myself and others. I've heard it always that my sense of common sense is a bit weird. Though I hear it, I can never understand why. It should be simple enough to understand, it should be easy to make such conjectures. Yet, they don't, or rather, "can't".
      Is it weird that I can read anything and get a sense of thrill of reading? I've heard that people have preferences, but I just read anything I see. I can find anything interesting, but doesn't this just mean I can't find anything outstanding? Or rather that my self is just easily amused, easily distracted, easily atoned.
      Finally, my sense of self is slowly dwindling, I no longer no what it feels like to be at no pain, these two and a half some years, I've always been wallowing in pain, due to this, I no longer remember what it feels like to not suffer from pain. Slowly but surely, my mind is corroding. I lash out at people more, my emotions, despite me being an adept at controlling them, slowly surface, slowly but surely continue to cause people around me problems.
      My mind is slowly but surely fading. I no longer remember what I used to be, what my "normal" self was. I can no longer recall my past personality, but is that pass personality my true personality? Or is my current one, the one created by the disease that plagues me, it that the true one?

      - Carm
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