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This is a pretty simple advice blog in the dear abby style. If you find it boring... just don't post.

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  • Please use a letter format (Dear Pasta...). This will make it obvious you are writing to me and not just commenting/replying.
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  • Additionally you can ask for advice without revealing your username by pming me your letter. I will post it (with the nickname and without mentioning your username) and my reply together.
Topics that we can or cannot discuss because of forum Rules
  • Politics
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EXAMPLES -- The Real Dear Abby

I am usually available on Thursdays and Fridays, but my replies are sure to be slow, so please be patient!! Later I might accept applications from peeps and list their name here. Then you can address your letters to them as well ^_^

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    1. Pyoo May 9, 2017

      Anyway perfect chance to answer yourself noms!
    2. AliceShiki May 8, 2017
      Christmas is too far away though! You'd have to wait until December!!! >.<
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    3. Nom de Plume May 8, 2017
      Dear Santa,

      All I want for Christmas is someone to write to me. This blog isn't a joke and I sincerely want to offer advice. I was planning this thread for a few months when tony made the blogs and I saw my chance!

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    4. AliceShiki May 2, 2017
      Dear Plume-chan,

      Thanks for the wonderful reply! *hugs*

      We already decided that we just want to be friends, I just need to convince my family of that! >.<
      I'll keep on trying my best though!

      Eh? Weren't you the necromancer though... You sure it wasn't your job the one that didn't revive her properly...?

      I always thought of batman as a good person though...? My whole life is a lie!!! *breaks down crying*

      I don't need a sane family though! I'm just afraid they are more mad than I am!!! >.<

      Tony-chan and Lovely-chan are all girls, you don't need to worry about that, I still believe Asriu-chan is a girl deep down inside, no way those 2 will be able to convince me otherwise~ *winks*

      With love,
    5. Nom de Plume May 2, 2017
      Dear @brasca123,

      I hate to break it to you, but @Lovely and @Tony are both m***... or at least pretending to be...

      Marriage is a difficult decision for anyone, and it being arranged won't make it any easier. You shouldn't give into pressure, but if you already get along with the person maybe you should give them half a chance and consider the idea. Just hang out like normal. If you both agree you are just friends, you can at least tell your family you tried.

      As for your brain craving cousin, you should have never gone the cheap route when raising someone from the dead...

      Batman is a normal person too. I argue that people are not usually either extreme, rather they are neither fully good or fully evil.

      I have one question for you though. If your family was sane... wouldn't you be bored?

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    6. blee8 May 2, 2017
      eagerly awaiting your reply to Brasca's letter too. If I were her, I would ask you the same questions esp. about that brain...
      I'm also curious why some people can't seem to address their elders the proper way. Is it really that hard???
    7. AliceShiki May 2, 2017
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    8. Pyoo May 2, 2017
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