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This is a pretty simple advice blog in the dear abby style. If you find it boring... just don't post.

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    1. Lovely May 2, 2017
    2. AliceShiki May 2, 2017
      Dear Plume,

      I'm having a problem in which my entire family wishes to marry me off to one of my friends, they already put her on the family and trying pretty hard on that.

      Not only that, they also decided to rise an entire queendom in my name.

      And my cousin that they want to marry me with insists that she wants to eat my brain no matter what!

      Even my niece that was the only one I thought was safe, actually thinks she is batman and evil! Batman cannot be evil! I can't understand it!!!

      I don't really know what to do, I think my family is actually crazier than I am, I love them, but there should be a certain limit on it, my aunt decided to start saying she is a man and refuses to acknowledge our godmother by their proper title.

      Please help Plume-chan, I need to make them at the very least not be crazier than I am.

    3. CDLevit Apr 30, 2017

      Thank you for your answer.

      Your answer clarified, partially, my doubts and question/s.
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    4. DCLXVI Apr 30, 2017
      @Nom de Plume please do not be so tense


      what would you need to be afraid of?

      it is just me, you know

      I would not do any harm, I swear

      you can trust me, right?
    5. Nom de Plume Apr 30, 2017
      Dearest IthinkChrisisagoodpenname,

      Who? :popcorn:

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    6. Nom de Plume Apr 30, 2017
      @DCLXVI I only told one person not to trust you Q-Q

      Its more of a compliment of your skill. I saw you convince people everyone had exactly opposite roles before >_>

      Why do I feel such cold shivers up my back >_>

      @Zone Q11 shall I take it as you are interested in being an Abby?

      Dear @CDLevit,

      The internet is just another medium of communication, but across a much greater distance. Being polite is simply good manners.

      The internet isn't really constrained by rules like everyday society. The only one who can truly decide how a person behaves is their own self. The internet 100% does not have a rule stating: "You must be polite." There is no sense of repercussions, and so people don't restrain themselves.

      What you can get away with and what you should do are entirely different things however.

      Does that answer your question?
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    7. Pyoo Apr 30, 2017
      Dear Pasta,

      I'm concerned.
      A friend of mine recently started a Dear Abby section in a local media. That's great and all, she seems excited about it.
      But one of the people who she replied are starting to be a bit.. Too much.
      I didnt think much of it when the person replied about hoping to meet. But recently there's a person that just quietly stares at her door sometimes. The person would also stalk my friend.
      My friend doesnt seem to realize it yet, but I'm concerned.

      Please help me.

    8. DCLXVI Apr 29, 2017
      dear pasta,

      I sincerely thank you for the soothing answer and your endless encouragements

      you could never imagine how lost I am before reading your letter

      I am so glad that I chose to write to you before anything else

      you have answered the greatest dilemma in my life

      everything is clear now, there must be some other reason for people to feel suspicious about me

      a reason like "a shady adviser spreading false rumors" is hardly believable

      but I fully trust you, from the bottom of my heart

      so, no matter how absurd, I will close my eyes and choose to believe it unconditionally

      it feels like all my burden has suddenly dissipated into thin air

      I know what I have to do now

      thank you, my dear friend, pasta

      but I do not think words alone is enough to express my gratitude

      I will try to visit you in the near future to show my sincere will

      I hope you will keep your doors wide open for me

      please wait for me

      kindest regards,