Did my dream just get influenced?


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So this book I'm read, basically, people are now able to know they're going to die, around 24 hours before they die. The MCs don't know how the organization knows they just know. So I reading it before I went to bed. I straight up had a dream I got a call telling me I was going to die that day. I don't remember much of the dream to be honest but the point is, my dream was influenced. I rarely have dreams that are influenced by events in the day prior. in fact, I don't remember the last time I've had one of those dreams. Its been forever and it feels wired. The most influence I have most of the time is who is in the dream. I do remember that my dream was messy and out of order, as most dreams are.

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    1. Bitter Sweet Sep 5, 2019
      Perhaps the call of Isekai has reached out to you? (Make sure to get Truck-kun's signature!)
    2. 25th bamm Sep 5, 2019
      Oh, maybe I have been reading a lot of Isekai novels, maybe it finally rubbed off on me haha
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