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I was in a big dilemma today
Seriously I was completely stumped
Conflicted you might say as well
I'll be honest it stressed me a bit
I was in the shop and.............I couldn't decide between buying almond rounds and apple rounds...
It's a pastry thing, a cross between a tart and a pie
I wanted something sweet and saw the apple rounds
It was 69p
I looked around to see if there was anything else
And then I saw the almond rounds
It was 55p
14p cheaper than the apple rounds
I debated which one to get
My heart said apple
But my mind said almond cos it's cheaper
(I had the money to buy either one but I was thinking almond cos I didn't have the change to buy the apple. And I didn't want to break a note. Well in the end I did have enough change to get the apple rounds but at that time I didn't know)
Anyways I decided to go with almond after debating with myself for a while
I picked up the almond rounds and went towards the tills
Yet somehow when I was at the tills I had the apple rounds in my hand
Strange I wonder how that happened...


    1. Westeller Feb 25, 2019
      In your place I would have somehow decided I didn't really need either... Darn choices, ruining my motivation.
    2. Otwentyfirst Feb 20, 2019
      :LOL: your hand was fruity but your brain was nutty. in the end fruitiness won out.
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    3. Clozdark Feb 12, 2019
      Ahhh it sometimes happen to me too, being too much focus between two similar choices make the ability to discern the difference in each choices is blurring, in the end what you pointed and what you choose is different.
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