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I'm sleepy, I slept only about 5h today and I haven't slept that well those last few days...

Isn't it annoying? I want to do things, and I have all the time to do it... But I'm sleepy! I can't focus! I can't write properly! I can't make a sentence that looks good!!! >.<

I just want to go to a bed and sleep, but it's still 5pm! *flips table*

*sighs* I'm tired... I wish to make good use of this free time, but it's hard to do it if I can't focus on what I want to...


    1. Recouer Sep 16, 2017
      @brasca123 did i hit on a soft spot ??:blob_grin:
      Edit: this blob is creepy as fuck
    2. brasca123 Sep 16, 2017
    3. Recouer Sep 16, 2017
      @brasca123 well good luck with your new PC and also if you're in uni maybe you should play less and work more no?
      Except if you have free time to play of course... which i don't so i don't really need a PC and if not for the fact that there is programming courses and that i like programming i wouldn't have one anyway :blobowoevil:
    4. brasca123 Sep 16, 2017
      @Recouer Oh, you misunderstood... I can eat while eating alright... What I can't do is play 2 different online games while eating and chatting on a forum at the same time!!! >.<

      I will probably buy a cheap laptop soon, it's more than enough for my needs, just need to save up a bit more money.
    5. Recouer Sep 16, 2017
      You just need to get used to multitask with your phone, once you do, you can even eat while reading LN that you cannot do with a PC.
      And a cheap PC can make do as long as you don't play games.
    6. brasca123 Sep 16, 2017
      @Recouer I'm doing that rn! xD

      Still, it's hard to write on phone, and multi-tasking is pretty much impossible, so pc is better usually.
    7. Recouer Sep 16, 2017
      I only have a smartphone and my portable PC is slower than my phone so...
      Use your phone (y)
    8. brasca123 Sep 16, 2017
      @Recouer Oh no, I meant on the practical sense, I was on uni's pc and I don't have a PC at home! Going back home to sleep would mean I would be out of PC for the day!!! >.<