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it easier to upload my art here than the forums, because I’m on mobile.
I recently went back to my old posts and saw some old drawings.
I compared the old ones to the new ones that I have now and looked at how much I improved over he last 3-4 years.

B5B2D9B8-CBA6-40C8-9B15-503E46BB3E57.jpeg 7066A169-CC36-4F72-A49B-78F264EAD6D0.jpeg 2DCD439F-8423-458C-B689-9D787CD1F8C1.jpeg DC454C66-4D61-4F84-87E6-BEF3EB7EA120.jpeg 6DDD87DF-6CE9-4081-B3C6-902E6C1B460F.jpeg 495CB349-6383-44DA-BC99-83268682A59D.jpeg 361EECE4-CD24-456D-9C52-B7A79E9CBFB5.jpeg AAE4A29C-97BC-4F77-B6EE-53C4D6F9FFBC.jpeg F6F30257-8344-4C7E-B664-B0C33659C537.jpeg 43A4964C-7E63-4BB7-940C-6EBA1B88C504.jpeg B8CDC81F-6410-4600-82AC-DBC4F20CA224.jpeg 23763C6F-F216-47B3-BD72-E3DA47403996.jpeg 61BA8609-75C3-4353-AE72-92AD3A596025.jpeg B82EDA16-09DE-4056-AE38-F8648C22D720.jpeg 4D2EE5D2-1E02-4149-83B9-565417581A53.jpeg 6E51814E-99D4-48E8-8438-3AF6C10D38E1.jpeg D4967B47-97B9-421D-B8EF-075D0E52AC31.jpeg

Here’s some of my recent drawings.
D386D1FF-ECE5-48E4-B06A-A736F56D4778.jpeg D386D1FF-ECE5-48E4-B06A-A736F56D4778.jpeg 110EA4A3-A05E-4E6D-8689-5E67EFA91610.jpeg 7C42CB20-040D-4822-B8D0-E4139EA9F2BC.jpeg 03165B7F-43E1-4F8D-97E4-096E6730B4FD.jpeg 7F5BDE87-3347-4E08-BEA9-4F0CF9692A6B.jpeg D94F6238-E48C-438F-B3CA-F6115432D801.jpeg B9379AD7-C36A-4A4A-A252-739B58EE45CE.jpeg
Sorry for bad quality images. :/

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    1. Donutmindme Jan 20, 2019
      @Kenedy5 these are, well some are my old drawings from like way back. 2015. Gosh that was when I was in middle school.
    2. Donutmindme Feb 12, 2018
      @akki sure I do have a bit. I’ll upload em later.
      @Notaborax yeah that’s why I upload on here. You can see the pics up close, and go to the nexts ones. And this was all uploaded directly from my photos. In the forum if wanna add an image you need the URL of it. And I don’t have that for most photos.
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    3. Notaborax Feb 12, 2018
      woah i could see like 6 pictures all at once dope
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    4. akki Feb 11, 2018
      You need some more redheads. So that I can steal them for my avatar~
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