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I like fights. I like reading. And I like breaking things.
So, I'm going to do a fight breakdown from time to time :)
Manga, TV shows, Boxing, MMA etc.
I'll keep it short.

First up: Strongest Suzuran High Fighters

Fight Breakdown #1
This is a post about the Strongest Suzuran High Characters from the Crows, Crows Zero and Worst Manga. There will be spoilers so be careful.
(Also, it'd be good if you read the Crows manga, Worst manga and watched the Crows Zero Movies.)

For All My Crows Fan :)

Who is the Strongest Fighter in Crows? Well, Its difficult to know for sure because most of these characters are from different generations so they may not have had the chance to fight each other. Let me give you a quick rundown of the Crows Universe (AKA Crows X Worst).

Crows is about Harumichi Bouya who transfers to Suzuran All-Boys High School AKA The Crows School during his Sophomore year.
Crows Zero & Crows Zero II are live action prequel films. The protagonist of the film is Takiya Genji who transferred to Suzuran during his Senior year, 1 year before the Crows storyline.
Worst is a sequel to Crows and its about Freshman Tsukishima Hana.

Ok, So this is how I see the Suzuran High Rankings

1) Megumi Hayashida (Rindaman) / Harumichi Bouya
Rindaman & Bouya are honestly equal it all just depends on who was better that particular day. They drew the 1st time & almost drew the 2nd time, the difference between the 1st & 2nd fight is that Rindaman's punch connected & Bouya's didn't. They could fight again and the result may be Bouya connecting & Rindaman gets KO, so you can't really say one is better than the other especially if the difference between victory & defeat is the one who was 1/2 a second faster in throwing the final blow.

2) Hanaki Guriko
Guriko is in at #2 because we know he is on par with Rindaman & Bouya when it comes to offense but his durability is sketchy. Guriko has always tried avoiding powerful shots especially Hana's KO Uppercut and even said that if it landed he would have lost. Bouya & Rindaman have always taken powerful shots head on because they have a higher pain threshold and higher durability, They would eat Guriko's best shot and keep going forward whereas Guriko wouldn't be able to take their best shot clean.

3) Takiya Genji / Hana Tsukishima
I can't decide who will win this as both characters have unique traits that can give them the edge.
Genji has insane durability, endurance, speed, agility, fight IQ and determination. Hana also has great durability, endurance, speed, agility, strength and power. Both can counter each other out and similar to the Rindaman / Harumichi Bouya situation, it'll come down to just who performs better on fight night.

4) Hanazawa Saburou (Zetton)
Zetton is in at #4 because just like Guriko, He's great on offense but his durability & endurance have failed him many times. Against these top guys he'd be in trouble. He already lost to Bouya during his Freshmen year and to Guriko during his Senior year. He could beat Takiya Genji and Hana Tsukishima but he'll need to end it quick or else.


The reason Guriko is higher than Hana is because Hana lost twice to Guriko.
The chair excuse doesn't matter to be honest, Guriko had no reason to fight but they forced him to, so he wanted to end the fight quick then leave. He wasn't even taking this fight seriously he was at times even attacking random people, laughing at nothing and taking their money, he even told everyone to follow Hana because Hana actually cares about friends but Guriko only cares about himself, One could make the case that he did all that to help people see how good Hana was.
In a fair fight I'd say Guriko's kick, speed and demon personality beats Hana 9/10 times.

The reason Guriko isn't #1 or on equal footing is simply because he has shown to be less durable than Bouya and Rindaman. Zetton hurt him during their fight and Guriko avoided Hana's strongest attack at all cost, Bouya and Rindaman hit way harder than Hana or Zetton and they can take on powerful shots too. Guriko would lose but not by much.

There, My breakdown Of Suzurans True Kings :p

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    1. Suoh95 Sep 8, 2017
      Yeah, they've only fought twice and the final moments of both fights was decided by who landed first. 1 Draw, 1 Loss for Bouya but its so paper thin close that I had to put Bouya up there.
      Zetton just cracks under pressure at times plus he kinda got nerfed in Worst.
    2. Setra Sep 8, 2017
      A little surprised that Bouya was on the same level with Rindaman (since I remembered that he was getting knocked out on his later fight with Rindaman), but it turns out that his punch didn't connect (as wiki can attest)
      Though it feels a lot of Bouya's opponents that on par or above Zetton. Edit, sorry, didn't read that last sentence. So, I guess the ranking's fine.
    3. Suoh95 Sep 8, 2017
      @Setra Just something about a good manga/show with a simple plot. Top 10 ez.
    4. Setra Sep 7, 2017
      Loved Crows manga and Crows Zero I & II live action.
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