Fried Rice for Days!


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I'm sure you all want to know that I've eaten fried rice for 3 days in a row breakfast, lunch, and dinner. oh boy! let me tell you I love but kinda sick of it. I've had different kinds of fried rice. Some with ketchup and some with oyster sauce. Some with fried eggs and some with scrambled. All of them tasted great but for all meals for three days is repetitive. I'm happy to eat sandwiches for lunch and potatoes :sushi_potato: for dinner. I'll eat fried rice again but maybe later.:sushi_bye:

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    1. Naruin Aug 2, 2019
      *pats all who can relate*
      atleast u have something to eat.. look at those poor people who... *bla bla bla like what moms say when kids dun wanna eat their food*
    2. orematcha Aug 2, 2019
      Huhuhu I got you... when you live alone and you're too lazy to cook anything... just buy eggs and cook lots of rice... turn it into fried rice tomorrow morning.. this is what I did these days... :blobsob:
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    3. Haerether Aug 2, 2019
      @Bad Storm And Dinner, too. If there are leftovers.
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    4. Bad Storm Aug 2, 2019
      I relate :blobcry:
      And that feels that not only breakfast consists of fried rice but also lunch...
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