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So you want to get into digital art hm? :blobthinkingsmirk: Well, not to worry, I'm also a complete beginner as well. :blob_pompom:

You might be wondering, does it take a lot of artistic talent and money to become good at digital talent? Well, consider this, the last time I remember drawing was when I was 12 years old and I'm now in my early 20s so that's almost 10 years of not having any contact with art.

My personal opinion is that anyone at any skill level can do art and there's no need to constantly compare yourself to others because we all learn at different paces and have different styles!

In this blog, I will mainly be sharing videos that helped me jump start my interest in digital art and some tips and tricks to make your transition into getting into digital art a lot easier.

First off, Nadaxiel's Beginner Guide into Digital Art. There's 2 parts to this series and they're the perfect way to gain knowledge about what you can expect to see when starting digital art.

The first part is about getting to know the tools and software you need to start. She shows a lot of comparisons about the different drawing tablets as well as available paid and nonpaid software so that you could easily make decisions. Of course, you are welcome to supplement this with your own research as well!:blobmelt:

The second part is about getting familiar with the software and in her case, she uses Photoshop. If you haven't used Photoshop before or aren't completely familiar with it, it's a great video to learn from the very basics. She shows you shortcuts as well as different brush types that could possibly make or break your composition.

After that, it's best to continue looking at digital art tips videos to absorb more information about the software/brushes/techniques that artists use. You could also view some free online master class courses available on youtube. I've linked some of my favorites down in the spoiler below :blobxd:

Huge props to Ross Draws for uploading a free Master Class on illustrations on youtube. The guy has such well done videos and art I feel sometimes we don't deserve such a great guy like him. The master class has 5 parts to it starting from intro, character design, portrait, landscape and storytelling. :blobnosebleed:

If you're looking to improve on how to draw, Sinix Design has the most incredibly in-depth tutorials about drawing different parts of the body including but not limited to eyes, nose, hands, mouth and even abs!. This is also especially helpful if you're into semi-realism or realism art. :blobhyperthink:
From the structure of the part to the different angles to the part, Sinix Design breaks it all down to you in long informative videos so if you're not keen on getting anatomical books to support your knowledge, his videos are a great resource to the art community.
Instead of linking his videos, I will be linking his youtube profile because honestly there is a lot you can learn from him instead of just learning how to draw. :bloblove:

After that, it's time to fly as a free bird. There are so many resources out there on youtube for free without having to pay for an online course. If you're looking to improve upon starting, check out some speed painting videos or try art different digital art styles. The possibilities are endless! :blobhero::blobhero:

There are so many more tutorials and speed paints I've watched but must've forgotten to include but it's up to you to dig up those treasures! Pick up that pen and draw! And remember, you can't improve if you haven't even taken the first step!

If you've read the entire post, I commend you for that. Do let me know if you have anything to add on in your experience! Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome~:cookie:

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