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A few months back I started my Hormonal Replacement Therapy, and I have been pretty happy with the results so far. I could see a noticeable decrease in the growth rate of my body hair from the first month, and I'm now slowly starting to see my breasts grow, I'm starting to hate my body less, which is just great.

However... It's also such a pain to have the breasts in growth stage, like... Geez, every time I accidentally touch them they hurt. If my purse's sling touches my breasts while I walk, they hurt too... Even when I'm going to sleep, I usually sleep facing downwards, and my breasts are starting to get in the way of that.

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that they're growing, but I can't help feeling annoyed that they hurt every time every small thing touches them... It doesn't help that they're still a bit too small, so I can't really find any bras my size, but they're starting to get big enough to show depending on the clothes I wear, so it's becoming harder to choose clothes for when I need to go out...

It's kinda interesting that I already expected all of this to happen, but I'm still getting annoyed at having to deal with those small thingies. I guess annoyances are annoyances regardless of whether or not you expect them?

In any case, I hope they keep growing for a while longer since they're still way too small right now. I don't really have a clue to how much they'll grow in all honesty, but hopefully they don't grow too big... I mean, I just ain't fond of big breasts I guess, so I'd prefer mine to be somewhat small, even if still big enough to be noticeable at a glance.

Something along those lines... I just wanted to write those thoughts out there, somewhere.

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    1. iampsyx Apr 1, 2021
      @A Certain G.I.R.L. Yup, they're adhesive silicon so you can just stick them in-place (no bras required unless you move around a lot).
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    2. A Certain G.I.R.L. Apr 1, 2021
      @iampsyx I honestly didn't even know those existed.

      I never saw them anywhere, but at the same time I didn't really search for them. Maybe I can try seeing if I can find them.

      Though from what I googled, it seems like they're expected to stay in place because they're below the bra? I'm not sure if it would work properly without one... Well, I don't really understand much about them since I just found out they exist.
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    3. iampsyx Apr 1, 2021
      If they're small for regular bras but starting to show through clothes, you could try nipple pads?

      And best wishes for your therapy~
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    4. fireflying Mar 31, 2021
      you're a very strong person, i hope all goes well for you in the future! <33
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    5. melomarl Mar 31, 2021
      Awww I'm lucky to live in an environment that starts to be open about these things. And the uni course I took was also very liberal. So it was very natural for me to accept the nuances of sexuality and gender preferences, I love hanging out with them as they're more honest than other people I know outside our circle.

      Issokay to be you, no matter what the world dictates. Hugsss and love lots!!!

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    6. A Certain G.I.R.L. Mar 31, 2021
      @melomarl I'm glad you have supported them, not everyone is lucky enough to have a good support of network for sure...

      On a side note, I actually decided to make this account to talk about myself after seeing the threads and blog posts from @ohko. They really helped me a lot in coming to terms with myself and understanding everything I was feeling.

      It's just amazing when you find someone that feels similarly to you somewhere out there, when you realize you aren't crazy for thinking the way you do... I didn't even know that the word transgender existed before meeting them...

      So, what I'm trying to say is that, having someone that cares for you and tries helping you just feels wonderful and is especially important when someone is just coming to terms with their own gender dysphoria. So I'm really happy that you could support your friends through the process, really.
    7. melomarl Mar 31, 2021
      It's nice to see this post here, tbh. I have friends who transitioned as well so yeshh I support~
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    8. A Certain G.I.R.L. Mar 31, 2021
      @melomarl Thank you for the good wishes! I'm doing things slowly, but I'm definitely loving the changes to myself, I'm definitely a lot happier than I was a few years ago.
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