Haiku for my wife



Was forced to become a spoiled ojou-sama ~ 北の鳥, Female
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A haiku for my beautiful wife @samia zahin dare gives by @Naraina

You’re a alluring moon
Venus envies your hotness
Your beauty allures me

i suck at haikus


    1. KhayDesuu Apr 15, 2021
      Nice haiku, could be better! ~>_<~
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    2. Bad Storm Apr 14, 2021
      That's good then. Happy poem is best poem :blobokhand:
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    3. Bobasis Apr 14, 2021
      I haven’t made on since fourth grade . I was never good at these type of things . But Mia is happy so it doesn’t really matter in my heart .....
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    4. Bad Storm Apr 14, 2021
      @Bobasis B-but it's haiku... and even if the counts were wrong... could have followed the essence of what a haiku is. From what I know, haiku mainly aims to evoke emotions with the use of natural phenomena.

      P. S. Okay, never mind. Maybe I'm just a bit fuzzy hehe >.>
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    5. Bobasis Apr 14, 2021
      @Bad Storm they’re probably wrong but it’s the thought that counts right ..
    6. Bad Storm Apr 13, 2021
      is it just me, or the counts are wrong?
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    7. GREED444 Apr 13, 2021
      here in my summer i am already sweating buckets with haiku i will be soon dead from the hotness
    8. samia zahin Apr 13, 2021
      I think its great!!!
      I love it!!
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