Hay guy I need to find full quote of life like being rape from a novel



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I like the quote but I can’t remember the full quote


    1. Blitz Feb 11, 2019
      Found it on a thread
      “I won against you, so you are my prisoner.” Tang Tian seemed natural, “No matter how I choose to deal with my prisoner, that’s for me to decide, I don’t need the consent of the prisoner.”

      Upon seeing Tang Tian’s smug expression, Huo Yan Guang could not wait to tear him into million pieces.

      “Strip him, whoever refuses to take action, think twice.” Tang Tian waved his hands.

      The young masters, who had keeled to Tang Tian’s threats, could only bite the bullet.

      “Brother Guang, sorry.”

      “Brother Guang, we are under him, we have no choice but to comply.”

      “Brother Guang, life is like getting raped, if you can’t resist, you can only enjoy……”


      Huo Yan Guang nearly vomited blood, if he was not tied up, he would have definitely given the fellow who mentioned rape a tight slap.

      But when everyone’s hands touched his clothes, Guang instantly felt his scalp went numb. At the thought of being stripped bare and hung like Yu Ze Qing, he trembled with fear.
    2. Blitz Feb 11, 2019
      There was there was senior brother guang something too
    3. sokmean Feb 10, 2019
      Thank dude
    4. Clozdark Feb 10, 2019
      "life is just like being raped, if you can't fight back might as well enjoy it"
      something like that?
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