Bitter Sweet

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Blog Posts:
I feel quite strange at the moment. Unsettled.
I suppose it's because a classmate of mine died within the last 48-ish hours...
Even more troubling is how nonchalant everyone is about it.
Though I guess it can't be helped. I too feel like continuing today as if it were normal.
Everything should've been normal...


What to blog about...?
......I'll just write what ever comes to mind again.
My hands are twisted in a weird manner as I try to pray for my well being. Thankfully, the Demon Lord nearby doesn’t notice my futile attempt and continues to gorge on the carcasses of beasts.

It’s quite disgusting to see her plunge her claw-like fist into these countless meals. Not that it can be helped. She is an epitome of Gluttony, to an extent.
Disgruntled by the sight I turn to look for more pleasant things. In doing so, my eyes land on the large door to my right.

Should I leave…?

But, it’d be a shame to leave without a meal. Although, I may not have a meal at all considering the Demon Lord of Gluttony is rampaging close by. It’s like a reenactment of a legendary battle… against food. Not that I mind. All’s fine if I go undetected. Though it’s quite a pity; the lights in this ball room make me so tired. At this rate I’ll fall asleep without stimulation... this seat is too comfy.

Stomach: *Gaoo~*



( “*ロ*)


“Hmmm~?” The Demon Lord glances at me having heard something familiar.

She is walking over here.

I am a statue. Yes, a statue that’s invisible. I am unnoticeable to all whom glance at me. I am—

“Hello~! Uhm, That’s quite impressive; I didn’t notice you there before. Who are you?”

“I’m Mint.”

She ponders for a moment with her head tilted. It would be cute if it weren’t for the organ looking thing on her cheek that was left there from her bouts of feasting.

“That’s a rather plain name.”


“…I heard your stomach growl, so I brought you this.”

She presents a whole cake.

“Uh, thank you.”

She leaves to war with more meals in an everlasting conflict.

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