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Hypocricy of humans is something that amazes me beyond bounds.
Advice is thrown everywhere like plastic bags,
And so few, to actually apply it in their own lives.

And also, I think it is hypocritical of me to actually tell you 'What a hypocrite you are!!'.
Yeah,right it's a messed up world.
But not to worry, the world is not that bleak as it is painted out.
And life is not complicated, however you make it out.
Cavemen only knew how to eat and survive.
Why the hell we can't do that?

Why can't we live our own lives and not force,someone to like, die?
Ah, f***, there I go again.....sounding like a effing HYPOCRITE......


    1. UnknownSaint171 Nov 28, 2019
      I think it's good. Could be shortened out a bit tho
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    2. Kuro_0ni Nov 30, 2019
      I'd like to believe we are equals. You're not a lowly person in my opinion. And its fine to vent your frustrations.

      Life can be as simple and as complex as you want it. I don't know your current situation, but I know you need to vent.

      So be as vocal as you want and relieve your stress, cheers!
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    3. Suton Dec 2, 2019
      That's the way of life. We lie, we cheat, we learn, and maybe repent.
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    4. Loni4ever Dec 4, 2019
      True, it's amazing and also, amusing. In a lot of cases, it makes for a good chuckle when you stumble upon someone acting like a hypocrite xD. Like "ha I see sth about you that you don't which makes the way you act kinda ridiculous :blobjoy:".
      I don't find it hypocritical of you to address the readers as hypocrites though, cause didn't you also call yourself hypocritical? It seems to me you're just telling the truth at that point xD let it be known we're all hypocrites lolol
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