I’ll be a little more careful next haha


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So here’s the situation. This person is going to do the first part and I’m going to do the second half. Now, I know how to do the first half I just don’t usually do it in this situation. This person is better in doing this thing then me and I decided to watch them to see if I don’t understand anything. Now the person is stressed because they are taking care of kids. They have already set up their part and now they are setting up my part while taking care of the kids. It’s not just like it’s a stressing situation they are visible stressed. They are holding their head, sighing, and muttering about how something isn’t working with them. They then have to deal with the kids. So I offer to help find the thing. They then quickly snatch it away and say they’re fine. I feel like I was being pushy and nosy, like I over stepped. I get why they would feel that way, I guess. I’ll just be more careful next time haha:blobsweat_2:

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    1. Bad Storm Sep 30, 2019
      It's all right. I think you did well trying to extend a helping hand.
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