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“You’re not a demon…” a voice I don’t recognize suddenly says in a dull tone. Looking around I see a man in strange dark robes carrying a staff and wearing metal band around his head.

“This isn’t right, I clearly used the summoning for the demon Lucos but I get this, what are you anyway, a ghost? No, you clearly aren’t that. Some kind of soul perhaps, close to a ghost…” the man continues to talk to himself as if examining things with cold logic.

“My name is Lucas if that helps any?” I offer a possible explanation to his delima even though I am clearly in some kind of trouble myself. The floor has a pentagram with writing surrounding it, a summoning circle? I had heard of these from a friend that liked to read a lot but I never thought I’d see one myself. Looking at myself I see that I am just a white translucent figure of who I was though I don’t know how or why I got like this.

“Lucas? I’ve never heard of any demons... no right I’m thinking you’re not a demon, perhaps afterlife summoning? Where are you from? You look human, so perhaps the Holy Empire?” he’s finally asking me directly but I’ve never heard of a continent by that name.

“Holy Empire? No, I’ve never heard of, do you know where America is? Though frankly I doubt this is even my world considering the circumstances…” looking at the situation I’m kind of surprised at my own level of calm, I should be much more afraid I think.

“Merica? No, I’ve never heard of that one, a small country perhaps, or maybe you are some form of demon that’s able to change form to trick me. I can’t be sure yet.” he starts talking to himself again, it seems I am not trusted. “Well you aren’t what I was trying to summon but perhaps you could have some uses, do you want to form a contract with me? I can offer you a physical body to inhabit and using that you will be one of my servants.”

I am dumbfounded at this point, I don’t understand what he means exactly so “I’m sorry I cannot understand, what do you mean inhabit a body? Did I die? Where am I? Who are you?” finally getting my bearings I realize just how terribly wrong things are. I don’t remember how or why I got here, my last memory was talking with my teacher about my grades. I hadn’t shown my work on the math finals and earned a zero for it, my grade point average was going to suffer for it. I start going off on a tangent when I realize the robed man was talking to me again.

“... no need for my name, Master will suffice. Since I now know your true name I’ll just use it to force you into this body, there is little you can do about it. Honestly, for a demon, or whatever you are, to just supply their name willingly, are you newly born? Maybe that explains your odd looks and behavior…” again he starts muttering to himself and I feel a pull at the center of my, body? I don’t think I can call it that anymore.

Looking in the direction of the pull as the man chants in a language I don’t understand I see a small almost mechanical looking form. Mostly made of what appears to be wood and a silvery type metal I am drawn into the center of it’s chest were a large white crystal is embedded. The eyes seem to be made of green gems and it has no nose or mouth. Slowly everything goes out of focus and my perspective changes as it refocuses. Now everything is tinted in green and I start looking around. The man in robes has finished chanting as I look up at him. He places a plate over the white crystal in the chest of this new body. My hands are three fingered with an opposable thumb ending in metal claws, likewise my feet have only three large toes.

“Since we can’t have others knowing your name I will call you Lucos, just to add some poetic symmetry. Still, I cannot fathom why you appeared instead. Usually the names have to be exact and I paid a lot of gold for the information on that demon.”

“Sir, might I know why I am here?” an artificial voice originating from somewhere in my head rings out startling me.

“Hmm, I told you to call me Master, but Sir works too I suppose, is it a part of the defective summons? You were originally supposed to be a bodyguard of sorts but as it stands it seems I’ve gained a research subject instead. I never would have expected the summoning to fail, or rather to yield unintended results.” he starts leafing through some papers on a desk in the corner of the room. “Just wait there for now, I’ll deal with you later.”

Walking back to the circle with the pentagram he begins comparing the notes with the scribblings around the circle.

“This doesn’t make any sense, the runes are all there in the right positions, is it possible something interfered outside of the circle I’m unaware of? Or maybe there is some kind of celestial hands at work… infernal?”

‘This person likes to think out loud it seems.’ I ponder to myself as I start to look around the room, no windows and a single doorway, walls made of stone bricks. The messy desk with various bottles, boxes, and paper strewn about it’s double tiered surface. I walk over to the desk to look at the papers but none of the writing makes any sense to me. ‘This is certainly a language I don’t understand, was he speaking this language, for that matter why do I understand what he’s saying?’

I noticing it has gotten quiet, I look at the man and he’s staring at me wide eyed in what I can only assume is shock. This is the first time I’ve seen him with any amount of emotion.

“Wh… why can you move... after I’ve ordered you to stay put?!” his voice bordered on hysteria. I obviously can supply no answer for him. “Your name, isn’t Lucas is it, have you managed to trick me after all?!”

“Lucas is my name though?” tilting my head as I think ‘This man is irritating. Perhaps because I didn’t give him my full name he’s upset? Something tells me I shouldn’t reveal that fact.’ "I’m sorry Master I do not understand the problem, I’ve always been Lucas. It’s what my parents always call me." I try to gloss over the subject with that tidbit of info.

“Parents? Demons don’t have parents, what’s this about?” having calmed down considerably he starts to muse to himself once more. “So very odd, you really aren’t a demon are you?”

“Definitely not Sir, I am human, or was it seems…” For a long moment the man stares at me, then, nodding to himself as though he understood something, he walks up and snatches the papers out of my hand. “Ah…”

“These are not for you to read, they are mine, and mine things are not for you to touch. Remember this well! Timoria~” he says as he raises his palm towards me.

‘Pain pain pain pain pain pain pain…..’ I fall down "Mas...er thisss... huuuuursss, wha…...s go…..ing oooonn?!" It took effort to even speak.

“That is for not following my directives, learn well, this is what happens when you fail to listen.” he ends my pain and answers. I am still crumpled on the ground trying to recover but that was something I didn't expect at all and have a hard time to regain control of this body. “You are a complete mystery to me. You claim you have a name other than Lucos, though that’s whom I’ve attempted to summon, the name you’ve given me apparently isn’t right either since the obedience conditions failed to keep you in check automatically, and you can even talk whilst under punishment. What are you?!” The more he spoke the higher in pitch his voice got, I’m starting to realize I’ve come under the control of someone audacious and unstable.


New chapters to come, if you notice any mistakes in spelling or extremely poor grammar feel free to comment. I am by no means a professional writer and will definitely make mistakes, but I probably won't fix every minor error that is found, just something that causes confusion. Thanks for reading!

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      Neat prologue! I'm kinda interested in seeing how this plays out now.
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      Thanks for the pointer, I never would have known about those sites had you not said something. Also, what a great complement in it's own way too. I wasn't expecting that, but gives me confidence to write more. Already have a handful of chapters but needs editing before I'll post them. Thanks again!
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      You should probably post this somewhere where more people will see it. There's scribblehub.com - a website dedicated to original stories, and plenty of other places too like here and here.
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