I got some soap.


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I finally got new soap! There’s something satisfying about something new. It’s a completely different soap then what I usually buy. It’s a different brand and smell. It’s not supposed to do anything special like moisturize or foam it’s just regular bargain brand soap. It smells like flowers which is something I never usually get. I do like the smell and the color. The color isn’t important but I just think it’s cute. It’s has a yellowish and green color which doesn’t sound nice because what comes to my mind is a pukey color but it is nice. Anyways I got some soap and that’s all I have today.


    1. Silver Snake Nov 16, 2019
      My dad bought me a deodorant a few weeks ago, it's the spray kind, though, so it has a strong smell. I never really tried using it since I recall having a friend who stunk of it in middle school, and even though I told him it stunk he said girls liked it, which I'm still convinced to this day that they were lying to him. You probably get what you pay for when you buy cheap deodorant. Anyways, I ended up using the deodorant once and then worrying it'll stink me up too (I even googled how it can smell good or bad depending on your body chemistry) and never using it again. I'll just stick to my good old reliable soap.
    2. orematcha Nov 13, 2019
      My friend once gave me a strawberry and chocolate scented soap as souvenir, and it smelled sooo good~ :aww:
    3. Bad Storm Nov 12, 2019
      I once had a foam soap gifted to me (courtesy of my aunt). It was really fragrant with it's strawberry flavour(?). I kinda missed that soap.
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    4. TouchMeLikeASpaceBar Nov 11, 2019
      Grats~ o/ Good to enjoy things
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