I have given up coffee~



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Like the title says, I have given up coffee.

Now before you people freak out I should say that it's only for a month. And if you're still shocked and wondering how I'll survive I'd like to inform you I'm already two weeks into the month already and I'm doing just fine~ thanks for your concern lol.

For those of you wondering why I've given up coffee, its a simple really. I'll admit its kinda dumb but at the same time it works for me. The reason is because I'm trying to eat more healthily than I used to before. I have a bad habit of snacking and I'm trying to cut back on that. Throughout the day I'll have little bits here and there and its really bad and I wanted to stop it. So I've cut down on fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets and chocolates. I've got no problem cutting down on these, its quite easy actually. The one I have the hardest time with is biscuits. And that is why I took such a drastic action.

I have a lot of coffee. And sometimes when I have coffee I like to have biscuits with it. There are even times when I'll nibble away at biscuits when I'm not having coffee. As you can see I have a lot of biscuits. And to cut down on them......it was very hard for me. So what's the solution? Cut down on coffee of course. If I don't have coffee I won't reach for the biccies. If I don't have biscuits then I'll get used to not having it. If I'm used to not having it then it'll be easy to cut down on it and eat more healthily. It's a good plan, totally logical~ that makes sense right?

Now you might be thinking how have I given up coffee so easily? Some amongst you might be able to guess this.....I am really lazy! I can be so lazy that even though I crave coffee really badly my laziness would just overrule my desire. I can get up and make coffee, but, isn't it better to just be lazy and sit back and relax and read? Yup that's much better. Hooray for laziness, it came in use for once haha~


    1. Femme Fatale Jan 10, 2019
      Good for you!

      Shaking bad habits may be tough, but it pays off in the end.

      I have kicked the sugar habit a few times (yes, it is like being addicted to alcohol, you fall off and on the wagon.) I always feel better after about two weeks. I snack less and crave food less.

      Good luck!
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    2. Bad Storm Jan 9, 2019
      That's lucky. My mood is volatile in nature so things like sugar and coffee has great effects on me. I wasn't allowed much chocolate when I was younger.
    3. akki Jan 9, 2019
      @Bad Storm I’ve never felt a drain after coffee. Same with when I have sugar. Never felt a rush nor the crash afterwards. I must be immune to it somehow~
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    4. Bad Storm Jan 9, 2019
      I see. Snacks and coffee does usually go hand in hand. Even I can't help but look for something to snack on while drinking coffee... (But I'm more of a hot-choco person now because I really dislike the drained feeling after the coffee rush disappears).

      Anyway, good luck. Two more weeks to go~:blobhero::blobhero:
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    5. OnceandFutureLurker Jan 9, 2019
      Any habits that people have from food you eat and etc. , should be given up for a time just to make sure you don't have an addiction to it anyways , So kudos for you and hope it works out
    6. akki Jan 9, 2019
      @Bad Storm ^ the reason I previously said I would explain~
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