I wanna bake but I can't


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I wanna bake something but now is not the time because I have cake, cookies, and ice cream in the house. I'm seriously considering putting it all in the freezer (yes, I know the ice cream is already in the freezer lol). There simply is too much sugar. I can't eat it all and I don't want to eat it all. So when I have the urge to bake I don't get to sustain it. I don't have anyone to give my baked goods and I don't know if I confident enough to give them to someone. Guess I'll just have to wait until all this stuff goes away haha

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    1. orematcha Oct 17, 2019
      Practice makes perfect! :blobhero: I've never tried baking or making pastries before.. how about giving the baked goods to your family or your close friends? My mom used to share her cooking with the neighbours.. now I miss her cooking..
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    2. Snowbun Oct 16, 2019
      I KNOW THAT FEELING...I saw a recipe for cute little bite-sized cheesecakes some time ago and wanted to bake them but I need to make at least a dozen for one batch and my husband is on a low carb diet. When I was back in my home country I had my young brothers and office co-workers to feed "leftover" baked goods. I lived closer to my friends when my husband was still in Univ. but now that everyone graduated and started working...we're all in different parts of the city. It became harder to have afternoon tea/coffee together during weekends like we used to. u__u I think I haven't really baked anything not work-related since a year ago...
    3. lighterxx Oct 16, 2019
      you can use all in a cake too o.o