I want to slack off



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Juggling the priorities of life can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

Taking on the challenge to accomplish things, improving my technical skills & physical limits.

But I'm feeling like I'm reaching "Burn Out"

Where, I've hit another wall and while pushing with sheer will can get me somewhere

I might just collapse with the whole endeavor


Don't mind me, I'm pretty much venting. Like I want to continue my hobbies and do something fun. But College & Work has been taking a lot out of me as of this past month. I haven't been able to touch my translation projects either. Like after I come home from work, I just shower, and fall straight on my bed. Laughing to myself with ridicule, that tomorrow will be a new day. Theeeeen I pass out.....

When this semester is over I plan on taking another vacation sometime in January (Another time away from technology)

But other than that I'm going to laze around like a cat this weekend, and just de-stress.

This is my theme song for the weekend "NANIMONO (feat. Kenshi Yonezu)"

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    1. Wujigege Oct 20, 2019
      Well,thank you. I have been trying hard to recruit writers
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      @Wujigege done, let me know if I messed up somewhere, and thanks for letting me take some space on your site.
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      @Wujigege yeah sure. Do I need to do anything special or can I just copy-pasta?
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      Want to post this on my blog website?