If only...



Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not?
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If only you would realize some day, how much have you hurt me,
If only your heart ever, craves for me or my presence…
If only you feel that love again someday for me,
If only you are affected someday by my absence…
Only you can end all my suffering and this unbearable pain,
If only you would know what you could never procure…
If only you go through the memories of past once again,
Since the day you left my heart has bled, no one has its cure…
If only you would bring that love, those showers and that rain…
If only you would come back and see what damage you create,
I’ve been waiting for your return since forever more…
If only you would see the woman that you have made,
You said we cannot sail through, how were you so sure?
If only you can feel the old things that can never fade,
You may have moved on, but a piece of my heart is still with you…
I know how I’ve come so far alone; I know how I’m able to wade,
People say that I’m insane and you won’t ever come back again…
Maybe you would have never made your separate way,
Maybe you would have stayed with me and proved everyone wrong…
If only you would know the pain of dying every day,
If only you would feel the burden of smiling and being strong…

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    1. Despapa69 Jul 27, 2021
    2. Despapa69 Jul 27, 2021

      Everything you said is true,
      Everything you say we believe,
      Everything you do is right,
      But none the less you are wrong.

      You don't even know what is right,
      Not even listening to what is happening,
      All you think is that you are right,
      But no! Again you are wrong.

      Its not what you say they believe,
      Since you are a mockery of truth,
      A disguise of a eccentric liar,
      Yes, that maybe right for now.

      You never see what's on the other side,
      You only want your side to be listened,
      Never hear what others say but boast that you are right,
      Too bad since all you do is wrong.

      You are nothing but a fox,
      Lying, trying to be right when you are wrong,
      Its not envy its insecurity,
      You are not even sure about what you're saying.

      You think everybody hates you,
      But you only hate yourself,
      You want to be heard that's why you shout
      But never the less more will still stay Insecure.

      You don't want to be wrong since you think its not you,
      But think that what you say to others reflects what you are,
      it shows what danger you are to them,
      what kind of a person you are,
      An insecure filth, living off the ground.

      Don't have to be deaf to not hear words,
      Since insecurity be gets envy,
      When you envy you are insecure,
      Not knowing which is right and which is wrong.

      Don't be a fool when insulting others,
      You might be insulting your self,
      Not knowing the words you say,
      What a person is, is the words that he says.

      Jk, lol.