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I’ve been put in a tight spot. My hoarding issues has caught up to me and I need to get my sh1t together. I don’t want to face the consequence off my actions. :blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary: I want to escape but I need to get a hold of myself and clean my space or else face the outcome. Damn, my selfishness has ruined me. Lol more like my bad habits. I really have to clean this clutter but it’s so hard. I feel so pathetic. This has been happening for years. I wonder what’s really going on with me? or what’s wrong?:blobpeek: I know it’s worthless but deleting the stuff I need to delete and parting with all these things isssoooooooo HARD. I just want to cry and breakdown—which I did :bloborz: I really need serious help. We’ll get there... I think... maybe soon. Universe, help me! :blobflag:

*currently researching more about it and i want to cry while reading these articles. i love that the writers are so understanding and i feel so seen and heard. i should not beat myself up. ill save myself! justabotwork

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    1. milkyfoxz Jun 3, 2022
    2. milkyfoxz Jun 3, 2022
      @Avgust OMG! You’re the best! Thank u! I don’t feel that lonely anymore! ::blobcatsmile:: Ill get better! We will get better! Thank u for the tips! I needed that:blobnom::bloblove::blobneet: Thank you for saying Im not pathetic and reassuring me that there will be progress:blobsneeze::blobgift:
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    3. milkyfoxz Jun 3, 2022
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    4. RaiLi Jun 3, 2022
      ...i hope you get well soon! :blob_coffee:
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    5. GonZ555 Jun 3, 2022
      *pat pat pat*
      Good luck
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