Is there any good free or cheap games that can be played on a pc?


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I been playing some games but I got tired by endless kill steal from higher leveled players. I am also tired of this games just causing me problems by not allowing me back to my character. Like saying create a character keeps popping up even though I have one on that server and my only one is on it. I sometimes had to leave for a few days without playing or logging in(doesn't always work.) to even get it back to normal since the support for the game couldn't do much. I even made a new one on another server and it just keeps happening, so I gave up talking to that games support ppl. I still makes me mad remember that last mini boss kill steal from my highest account. I was almost finished killing it only 540 health points left on boss after getting rid of 20,460 health points a much higher player swops in and kills it in 3 hits.(there was still over 40mins left before it refreshes too. There are only 3 refreshes a day.) The higher player got the last hit so they got the best rewards and I only got less than 1,000 coins(coins are easy to get since lower levels like 25s and up can be million or billionaires with coins while gems where hard to get.) and some low level equipment. Then they went after the big boss.(other higher players were fighting it too.) By the way even ppl not fighting can see the health bar number in that game.


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      Keep checking the gaming discussion, there are nuffians here who would share some game related threads like this one, so see for yourself what works for you and what doesn't, I like MMOs you see, so my recommendations can only include that kind of games, stuff like this XD