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(Warning: This may cause both brain damage and be a major waste of your precious time which you will not be able to buy back by any means)
I had extra time and had nothing better to do so I decide to create a blog kek. Oh and here have a disclaimer
Anyways onto the blog, so I'm a basically be writing random crap that may pop into my head while im writing this. Basically just putting the most random sh*t on paper, since I have nothing better to do.

Huh, Im just sitting here at a table with nothing better to do. I kinda want food, not to sure though. Oh tomorrow's a Wednesday... Damn I hate wednesday, reminds me that I still have bout two days more of skool. Oof, oh you know I was watching a video on the the theory of general relativity or whatever, not sure of what it's called. Anyways it was kinda interesting, then I switched to a random video which showed the study of dark holes. It was actually pretty great yah, now. But anyways so what do I have on my mind now, umm, actually its pretty empty, huh since, when did this happen. Oh I want to take a nap, but I also don't want to. NOw im looking at the red underlines which are appearing at my attrocious spelling and grammer mistakes, Im itching to fix it, but alas Im to lazy and I need to reformat it to TIMES NEW ROMAN text. Honestly you know TIMES NEW ROMAN is probably my favorite font. It looks to uniform and everything, and thus I think its really great and all. Anyways wow, we actually had a cake, wait its sweet potato flavored, damn I dont want it anymore. I tried it before, but I don't really like the flavor of it. Huh, this song im listening to is really good, wow. Its kinda of calming. Wow... Oh that's the new post malone song which is pretty good. Oh, I switched songs and now Im looking at Look Back At It by Boogie wit da hoodie. Im getting tired of this song. Well I guess that's all for now, I don't wanna think...

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    1. Donutmindme Feb 13, 2019
      @Ruyue only the US doesn’t use colour. It’s the brits, Aussies, Canadians, etc. that use this and words like whilst, centre, etc.

      Btw time new Roman is too sharp. And so is courier new.
    2. Blitz Feb 11, 2019
      How awesome:blobpopcorn_cool:
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    3. Ruyue Feb 7, 2019
      @Katsono Do I have to write my after thoughts? Anyways, I really just wrote whatever, without any constituency or anything. This is not a formal piece of writing or anything, so i just spat out random nonsense which came to mind.
    4. Katsono Feb 7, 2019
      Are you really watching / reading about scientific stuff without any afterthought and just skipping from one thing to another?
    5. Bad Storm Feb 5, 2019
      @Emmyy whoops, my bad. I'm still in bed. And it's really such a thought-occupying temptation xD
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    6. Ruyue Feb 5, 2019
    7. Emmyy Feb 5, 2019
      @Bad Storm I think you meant 'best' font color lolo..but a red 'bed' sounds intriguing:p..many scenarios pop into my bored mind..
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    8. Ruyue Feb 5, 2019
      @Emmyy its okay ill be writing one of these every day kek. Did you notice this @Bad Storms Wall??? Well now you know about it. Great yeah?? I know.
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