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Yayyyyyyyy! I have an art tablet now!
I can now rush my journey to get carpel tunnel syndrome ten-fold!

Games? Nah, I have a tablet perfect for the job!
The one and only, Wacom Cintiq 16!

Which, as it happens, was a considerably more easy purchase than the others. Mostly because I didn't have to worry about my wallet becoming void dust. I do want to get the bigger ones if I start considering art more seriously though. I'm nowhere near ready so it's just an expensive hobby for now!

Some of the things I want to draw are my favorite characters from Azur Lane. I'm not skilled enough to draw full characters yet, but I'll definitely get around to it! The sirens are pretty neat too. Observer α and Purifier are some characters I wanna draw but I'd also like to draw more grotesque monsters someday. Something like the Iron Blood's and Northern Parliament's rigging or the monster abyssals from Kancolle.

For now though, I thought I'd try and sketch Warspite!

I like wintery fashion and It's easier for me to draw so I kinda defaulted to that for these. Eventually maid outfits and more flashy stuff will probably show themselves but I think this is okay for now. I really want to spend some time researching outfits and clothing styles though since I really like fashionable characters.

Things like outfits for autumn and Halloween in particular! Especially since it's coming around and all. I think the test visual novel I'll be working on will end up Halloween-themed too so it works out.

Ah but I really need to start working on my art. It's pretty obvious I don't know what I'm doing since each sketch kinda looks like it's in a different style. I need to learn about wrinkles and how to shade things too. Well, at least it's fun to doodle these things so it's not like the learning is a drag.

The bigger issue is whether or not I can focus on what I'm practicing though. I was drawing some hands earlier when halfway I kinda veered off a cliff and into the sea. I'll probably end up drawing silly jokes here and there. I guess I'll drop off those along with any updates on the test novel whenever enough builds up.

Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands.png

How do muscles work? I don't have any so I wouldn't know.

Well, the list of things to learn continues to grow down into that sea I veered off into. For now, I'm just gonna focus on having fun though. And that test novel too! A friend might help me with the programming if I decide to fit in a puzzle game into the VN which is probably what I'm gonna do.

Anyways that's about all I have to show.
Hope you're having a good day/night/high-noon/not-applicable!

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    1. Bitter Sweet Sep 19, 2021
      Thank you for the tip! I'll try it out!
    2. Agentt Sep 19, 2021
      Etoooo, if I may give a little tip on muscles, this is how I make them
      Step 1: Draw Skeleton
      And then draw tapering blobs as muscles, remember that tricep is bigger than bisep
      And then just draw some skin to hide the sharp corners
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