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Note: This actually came about by accident. I initially wanted to write something similar to my previous blog. But with the dawn of a new day, I'd forgotten all but a single line of a four line poem(?):facepalm::facepalm:
While trying to remember that, I ended up with this. Please look upon leniently. Thanks in advance.
PS. This is only my second time writing something. So, I'd be more than grateful if anybody has any advice or guidance.*courtesy bow*

The End of July
The winter leaves fell
And spring flowers bloomed.
The summer burned
And rain came to soothe.
Seasons changed,
Colored shades;
You held my hand

There were storms,
There was fury,
I turned away;
For that, I'm sorry.
Just like the roses
Full of thorns,
Our life together
was eventful.

The evening glow,
Brought forth tomorrow.
I grabbed your hand;
Vowed never to let go.

Years later ;
I sat there.
Under the lights
Of our porch.

Your wrinkling eyes,
Make me smile.
Reminding of
That day in July.
Mayflowers in your hand
Smile on your face
The love in your eyes;
On that day in July.
My dear Emy;
Forever mine.


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