Just a little vent about concentrating


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I'm trying to do school work but it seems like everyone has decided to cook, talk, clean, at the same time. While yes, you could argue it's my own fault for being in a place where people typically cook, clean, and talk. I would agree it is my own fault and I am just complaining. So let's get on with this, it's so loud and it smells good. I'm sitting here trying to write an essay or something. I wish I had headphones but I don't. so I'm trying to silently sit through this. it's really hard to think when they ask me things. I have to stop what I'm doing to I can tell them if I watered the plants today or something. I understand that they have to talk to me at some time and they think "why not now?" but it's hard to turn off what you're doing and engage in the conversation. I have a really hard time getting concentrated when I don't want to do something, so when I have to stop, I inwardly cry. It's kinda important most of the time so it can't be helped but I wish I didn't have this problem. You know, it's useless to complain if I have no intention to change but this just a vent of my mind. If someone doesn't want to read it they don't have to. It's kinda crazy that by the time I get done the writing I could care less about what my problem was. haha what a minuscule and fleeting problem I had. Let's drink to letting things go and trying to concentrate! Cheers!:blobhighfive: