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Oh, hear how she sighs
Under the pearly moonlight.
Look how she longs
For the promised starry night.

"Dear sire, thy love is forbidden
And yet mine heart aches,
Slowly corroding."

Aye, young heart
So easily swayed.
Lancelot passed by,
His shadow forever stayed.

'Tis what artists and poets
Sing verses for their muses.
Of great love and roses,
But still stay as a 'has been'.

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    1. melomarl Jul 28, 2021
    2. daisukenowaifu Jul 28, 2021
      Oddly reminds me of the Star Spangled Banner.
    3. melomarl Jul 28, 2021
      ohh I didn't know about the Fate series :blobpats:
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    4. Nefasdetestasti Jul 28, 2021
      Well, I based my comment towards the fate series lancelot than the real one.
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    5. melomarl Jul 28, 2021
      @Nefasdetestasti Ain't it bittersweet if they didn't get together? I like writing short tragedies ahahaha :blobpeek::blobpeek:
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    6. Nefasdetestasti Jul 28, 2021
      Guinevere and lancelot never got together?
      Damn, that's a good ending.
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    7. Cutter Masterson Jul 28, 2021
      My bad. Lol
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    8. melomarl Jul 28, 2021
      @Cutter Masterson yeah but I wrote this with the POV that Guinivere and Lancelot didn't get together lol
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