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Goooooooooodammit!!!!!! Some people have no respect for this pandemic! Listen, if you want to buy something, WEAR A DAMN MASK! I shouldn’t have to remind you that every five seconds! Do not pull down your mask. Just come in with a mask. I get it some people legitimately forget to put on the mask and very politely leave to put it on. Some lovely people don’t put it on and just hope we don’t notice. It’s like, yes we notice and yes we will require it.
I had this one guy come in with no mask and tell me with a straight face, “oh I have a medical condition”. It’s like “sir, you have other options. This is not one of them.” Regardless of weather or not he has an actual “condition” he should use what is available to him. He is a grown ass adult and should know to respect certain rules in place. If we have a right to not serve you, we aren’t “changing the law”.
Today was actually a good shift but I had customer who just... difficult. A little world building, I can’t see the front door unless I move from behind the counter. So he comes in with no mask and I say “oh you need a mask”. He mumbles a lot but I hear him say “okay”. He keeps walking towards me with no mask and sets down his stuff. Of course I step back a lot. He’s a bit slow but he puts on his mask. I tried taking his order but he just wasn’t making any sense, it’s fine but it’s just taking a long time. I hear him say a key word. It takes a while but he finally says another key word. I get him his order correct and ask for the money. He gives me a dollar, (his order is more then a dollar). He starts searching for more. He has a lot of money but it’s all in big bills. The manager came by helped me get the customer behind him and left. He finally gets out his card, I teach him how to use it and he does it. Alright it’s over! He gets his food and leaves. About 5 - 7 mins pass and a customer comes up and asks “is he supposed to be eating here?”. I was like “please noooo, I’m off in like 20mins” and there he was, that previous customer sitting right next to the door. I’m like “oh~~~ excuse me sir, you can’t be in here. Unless you are going to buy something, you need to leave.” He like “okay” and just keeps eating!!!!! I’m like, “he has one second before I set the manager on his ass” and so I say “Sir you can’t eat in here. I’m asking you to leave.” He like “okay” and starts to grab his stuff. I start doing whatever, time passes, and I move from my spot. I see him sitting there again!!! I’m like “are you serious!?” The manager sees him and is like “he can’t be in here”. I’m like “sir you need to leave.” And he’s like “yeah”. I legit have to watch him pack everything up and wait for him to leave. I should have had a manager deal with him.

Tl;dr A customer had difficulty ordering, ate his food without a mask in the store, pretended to leave, I found him again, and I had to watch him leave.

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    1. melomarl Aug 22, 2020
      this true but good thing ppl in my community are very cooperative and it's just lovely :blobpeek: hope you have a good day.... err maybe try to eat cake or smth *sending hearteu*
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