Life as a Hobby-Translator: Planning your commitments



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As challenging as reaching my life goals are, and balancing responsibility with life pleasures. I try to plan out my life schedule in a general manner. Making translations, formatting the structure, making it presentable for an audience to the point of release, can also be hectic.

To make my life easier, since prefer to do most things on my own. I always set aside time for each function. Right now I just want to touch up on the chapter release preparation.

- Planning your workload
- Formatting your posts
- Releases & Public Outlets

This blog will be simplified and I will use a lot of pictures for my processes.
I set my goal as the current volume. As things will change and I don't want to make the bar seem like a chore.


Usually after I make a chapter release, moderate comments and sometimes put out fires. I then prepare for the next group of chapters, I'll work on.

I format all my pages in bulk, that way it cuts down on release time, the moment I finalize my translation, editing & proofreading.

So I always pre-format my chapters and edit the URLs in advance, that way when it comes time for posting, all I need to make is several tweaks here and there.

When its time for posting, I've already linked subsidiary accounts to inform & advertise my release. Others I have to do manually.



All in all, I just wanted to point out that since this all takes time. I try to set aside a day where I'm not translating to handle all the logistical stuff, in running the whole operation.

This is how much effort I put into this hobby of mine, and for people to appreciate what I do, makes me feel that its worth it.

If you stayed with me for the entire post, you have my thanks.

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    1. Kuro_0ni Nov 30, 2019
      @Little Potato I like your suggestions:aww:, I will think about it. Maybe I'll continue it in another blog post. Thank you for your feedback :blobsmilehappy:
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    2. Little Potato Nov 30, 2019
      Excellent working process touching on different aspects of being a translator:blobReach: Would love to see a continued series on it. eg. Frustrations of a translator or why translating is rewarding as a hobby or goal-setting for improvements etc. :cookie:
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    3. Kuro_0ni Nov 30, 2019
      Still recovering from eating too much at my family's feast, couldn't translate, so I decided to spend my time doing the managing side of being a website owner.
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