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So.. i've been studyng since 9am and now its like 10pm with short breaks every few hours of 20mn i think? Is that too much??


    1. Recouer Sep 16, 2017
      No it doesn't work like that, it's like helium my friend but reversed

      (Btw i am not totally not bullshitting my way out...)

      (not like it wasn't BS to begin with ;p)
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    2. Willheim Sep 16, 2017
      Then whouldnt my brain waves be slowed down as well?
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    3. Recouer Sep 15, 2017
      Maybe there was a spacial distortion in the atmosphere that slowed down the radiowaves thus diminishing their frequency and causing this strange deep voice XD
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    4. Willheim Sep 14, 2017
      Maybe D: after that i couldnt stop thinkin this like "what if next time i look into the mirror theres someone behind me?(home alone btw)"
    5. Notaborax Sep 14, 2017
      it might be extremely slowed down? when it is turns deeper and sometimes sound like garble
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    6. Hotato Sep 14, 2017
      The next thing you hear, it would be the hidden messages
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