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Ugh. <==that's what I'm feeling right now. Lemme rant a little, kay? rather few of you know, the staff here makes $0 for the work we put in for maintaining NU/NUF. We are mods because we genuinely like this place. Now I've had rough history here on NUF. Been involved in a lot of drama. Even had a Parth sucks thread made about me and my profile page tarnished multiple times. One time, I think I fell into depression for a week or so, because every time I would go online, I would feel like there was like bags of sand in my lungs...Anyways, I got better, crustier I guess. I get annoyed easily, but there are very few things that truly infuriate me.

Any assault on the integrity of me or the staff here. As I've been here for almost 2 years, I have gotten to know my coworker fairly well. They are some of the best human beings I've had the pleasure of knowing. However, ever since this bullshit drama popped up between Qidian and Wuxiaworld, a vocal minority of the community has began to suspect us of siding with Qidian or having ulterior motives behind not banning Qidian and Wuxiaworld outright. Now most people (with a brain) can see we are doing neither. We're not getting into that gutter fight. We have done what we can on the NU front, and on NUF, we've always allowed debate and discussion about matter important about the community. If we were paid off by Qidian on Wuxiaworld, we'd be censoring threads, deleting posts, which we haven't done unless if the post was like, "Fuck your grandmother" or something.

Anyways, I know most people either don't care or probably don't think we're on the dark side, still hurts when I've been working and investing my time into this community for free, and in return I have to deal with this garbage on a regular basis.

Sigh, I needed to vent a little.

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    1. Cryotic Nov 24, 2018
      Slap em with the nuffies you receive from QI.
    2. SummerForest Nov 22, 2018
      Hey! *wants to hug u* I can't say it's part of ur job, because it really isn't so, but i'll say it's part of being a good human that u r taking this *shit* for the sake of being here for us. Thank U *wants to hug u again*
    3. Skullie Oct 17, 2017
      Parth, those people either are brainless or they’re just trolls....
      Fight on!!!
    4. NZPIEFACE Oct 15, 2017
      We're you drunk, Parth?
    5. MEGA SPARTA CHICKEN Sep 16, 2017
      Have I been here before :hmm:
    6. Zaart Aug 14, 2017
      hummm @Parth37955 i don't know about the other users but nearly all those that i talk with never though bad things about you (well at most like what you feel about a strict teacher) and personaly i always respected how hardcore you were with the rule (thats why i always tried to be friendly with you by joking, ect....) because i prefer to be able to talk with you before doing stupid stuff to be sure that its okay ^^
      so i am honestly sorry if you though that i hated you whith the @maskedcerf account ^^
    7. Zatara Aug 2, 2017
      I joined this community yesterday, and I feelt good received! So let me tell you that you work on something nice here ;) The Wuxia and Qidian storm will hopefully clear up soon enough.
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    8. sctcooper Aug 2, 2017
      hahaha. same here, but i learnt not to take the bullsh`t that people say too personally. esp. here when most of the users are angsty hormone ridden teens (or those that act like one). just take everything they say skeptically, like whenever someone says something slightly offensive, I'd pause and think, "is this guy on his period" or "is this guy constipated?". It's even worse in work because my code reviewers can be pretty nasty with their "wtf is this" or "are you retarded" comments. imagine working on a piece of code for 20 hrs straight and you get creamed by a hundred comments that questions your intelligence, just because they don't conform with the reviewer's styling standard like camelcase over underscores, or when they can't be bothered by separating logic into different classes because they don't want to push too many files in production.

      anyway, just take what everybody says here with a grain of salt. as if they're just roleplaying or something. it's actually funny when you just view them as a bunch of kids arguing over toys.